Nigeria, the country that was named after the great Niger River, was infected by colonialism. The Europeans thought that they weren't as great as them because their power couldn't complete with the Europeans. To solve this the Europeans took over and force the people of Nigeria to their culture, and their ways. Before, the Europeans only contacted the Nigerians to trade. They traded their power, meaning weapons, for their raw material, and their slaves. Afterwards, they saw how weak (as they were considered) and wanted to take over, thinking it will help them. When this happened there were positives effects, and negative effects. The school system that the Europeans introduce was indeed better, but the negative side to that was that in Nigeria, the weather is mostly warm. The school was built to keep its students warm because where the Europeans lived, the weather was mostly cold. The overall result was that it didn't help at all. Also the teachers in these schools was, of course, Europeans. They dislike the Nigeria's ways of teaching and their names. They changed everything to make the Nigerians be more like them but at the same time they made the Nigerians feel as if they were separated. The Europeans brought in agricultural products to enlighten the people of Nigeria. This unleashed an impact from the rapid changes because of it; negative side. It made the economic growth decrease and almost collapsed. But then this resulted to the decline of slavery which was very large in Nigeria; positive effect. The other positive side was that because of the agricultural products it also resulted to internal movement of the population between different regions. Meaning the Nigerian went to different regions and places in turn their politics and religion teachings grew.

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