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My goal is to
further my development in Business Analyst role that will allow me to
capitalize on all of my skills including my education, experience with software
development life-cycle (SDLC), and
critical thinking skills. In addition, I want to leverage and improve my
leadership and relationship building skills garnered through education and vast
business experience to contribute towards the growth of the organization.


Ø  Communication and
interpersonal skills

Ø  Excellent customer

Ø  Proactive,
reliable and adaptable

Ø  Ability to handle

Ø  Strong analytical
/ problem solving abilities

Ø  Detail oriented
and solid work ethics

Ø  Strong technical

Ø  Time evaluation
and planning strategies

Ø  Result-focused /
customer oriented outlook

Ø  Efficient data management




Business processes improvement with critical
evaluating       ideas

Strong analytical abilities to interpret data
from multiple data points

Software testing techniques

Efficient in programming languages

Provide technical support for easy solutions

Risk analysis / mitigation strategies

Database tools and its development

Time evaluation and planning strategies

Strong customer service and relationship
building skills

Efficient data



Xplornet Communications Inc.,
Fredericton, N.B                                                           
    June 2016 – Present

Technical Support Specialist

Specialized investigating with clients calling to
determine concerns identified with web/network connectivity (static IP using
IBAM, NAT/bridge mode, command prompt, configuring modems, lease tables etc)
and emails.

Provided first point resolution to each client
within Xplornet’s policies and quality guidelines. Awarded twice for exemplary
customer service(Award: World Class Call)

Liaise with inward office departments to
investigate escalated issues and directed it to specialized teams including
Channel Support and Network Operations if necessary.

Documented and prioritized trouble tickets to
resolve technical issues on customer accounts in Sales-force Allie

Worked with manager to improve the
database(Knowledge Base) and Support Articles using Excel (Visual Basic
and macros) to provide a more streamlined approach to troubleshooting which
improved employee productivity by reducing average handling time by 5.2

Handling issues related to configuration,
installation and implementation of ZTE VoIP home phones.

Maintained extensive knowledge of technical
troubleshooting for Xplornet products and staying current on relative
technology advancements.


Commdel Consulting Services
Pvt. Ltd, Noida, India                                               August 2012- August 2013

Software Engineer

Built database tables
using SRS document, wrote stored procedures for project related
queries in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and
its performance tuning.

Developed project of online buying and selling
with online enterprise directory following Agile methodology in MS
Visual Studio framework using ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Engaged with stakeholders in gathering project requirements (SRS) and used strategic approach in evaluating and fulfilling their business needs under supervision.

Engaged in phase of product
delivery ranging from changes per client’s customization requests to performance
testing to user acceptance
testing and escalated issues where necessary.

Debugged code for improvisation of current and existing projects
leading to clearing
of backlog cases.




Shirreff Dining
Hall, Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S – Line Server                                  September 2014 – April

Organized various events (Survived 1 year
@Shirreff, Halloween), answered student’s questions related to food allergies
and managed line in coordination with other serving stations.

Smokes Poutienerie,
Halifax , N.S                                                                      September 2014 – February 2016

Assisted manager in organizing Busker’s week
Festival Tournament (Halifax, Waterfront) 2015 and increased sale by 20%. Also
assisted in training new hires.

DalSense, CNIB,
2016 – June 2016

It’s a society at Dalhousie which works in
coordination with CNIB where our aim is to raise scholarship for visually
impaired people. We actively involve with them helping in their daily
activities. We also raise money through various events; arrange their outings
and gala nights.



Programming Languages: SQL, Visual C#,
ASP.NET, Basics of C & C++, JavaScript,
JQuery, HTML and CSS

Databases :
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Methodologies: Scrum, Agile
and Waterfall

Development Tools: Microsoft Visual
Studio 2010, Xplornet’s Customized Tools(AllieLive, SDT, Kronos,              Sandvines, StarACS)

Operating Systems :Windows(XP, 7, 8,
10), Linux, Macintosh

Applications: Microsoft Office
2003, 2007, 2007, 2010(Word, Excel, Presentation, Power Point)

Others: TCP/IP, MPLS, Basic Routing       




Masters of
Engineering (Internetworking)

Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S

2014 – 2016

Bachelors of Tech.
(Information Technology)

Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak

2008 – 2012




Major Report, Master’s Degree

The aim of this project was to have a DNS system
with faster response and more security using zone marking and encryption
algorithm. This system provides more reliable and efficient response to user
queries. It also solves the problem of backup system in event of failure of one

As a part of the course work, I gave presentation on the topic Virus 101,
offered by University of Calgary in fall of 2003 where I focused on why the student
shouldn’t be taught how to create viruses in addition to build a defense
mechanism against virus. I also suggested alternatives on how to use that knowledge in favor of antivirus companies



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