Rationale: The North Korea Nuclear Crisis may prove to be a major threat to the world especially the United States, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea and the neighboring countries in Asia. Many people are suffering in North Korea because of the government negligence of giving the commoners enough food and shelter. The Nuclear Crisis may unstablize the whole world and may escalate to a world war. The reasons behind its building up of nuclear weapons must be understood. Saying about this the Korean War will come to mind. All North Korea's each and every move is watched by the whole world. Any of its action will affect the rest of the world.It is important that a greater understanding of the North Korea Crisis is to be developed.
Background: In October 2002 Korea announced its capabilities of making nuclear weapons. It violated a treaty signed with USA, Japan and South Korea. North Korea also reopened its nuclear reactors and withdrew from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. North Korea is doing this to force USA into negotiations wanting economic and energy aid. Their rivalry dated back to the Korean War where South Korea, helped by USA and UN fought against North Korea, Russia and China. Lots of civilians life were lost and both countries were at dispute ever since.
1) How did North Korea nuclear policies affect the other countries?
2) What is North Korea's intention(s) for continuing their nuclear weapons program?
Methodology: The information in this paper will be gleaned from government –based information, internal organizations sources, books from library, newspaper articles relating to this topic.
Usefulness and Limitations: In a fragile society

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