Now that being without your phone is a named phobia, many teens and adults in the United States are reconsidering the frequency of their phone usage. Teens and adults are constantly on their phones, but there are good times and bad times you use your phone. During the day people use their phones to check social media, make phone calls, and to search the web, but checking your phone before bed could be putting you in danger. A recent research has shown that teens and adults who use their phones before bed are damaging their sleep, and are increasing the likelihood of anxiety and depression. Seeing bright lights before bed will get in the way of how quickly you are able to fall asleep. Due to how much the public uses and depends on Social Media, they are damaging their brains and are becoming addicted to the thought of having mobile phones. And not only are we addicted to social media, but we are addicted to the vibration that our phone gives off. Phantom Vibration Syndrome is a condition in which you think your phone is vibrating only to pick it up and realize it wasn’t. As technology changes rapidly, there are just more and more diagnosis’ being made. Many people who use social media do not have control of how long they use it. The bright screens and interesting posts make it hard to put down. Not only is social media addictive, but it makes it so you compare yourself to others on the app, which is mentally unhealthy. Comparing yourself to others will lead to jealousy and sadness in the long run. Being on multiple social media platforms puts teens in danger, due to the information that one needs to put into the app when it is downloaded. Stalkers and cyberbullies can use the information that you put into the app, to track you down, to use against you. Most people don’t know that whatever you post online, even if it is deleted, it is still in the cloud, so anything that you post online will never go away. Teens and adults need to be careful when using social media and their phones, to keep them out of danger. 

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