Nowadays, as English becomes an international language,
teaching and learning English are also paid more attention. Although there are
various teaching approaches and methods, teachers need other helps of modern
technology to motivate students and get them involving the lesson more. ICT (information
and communications technology, or technologies) tools allow English teachers
and learners to interact with digital world. There are many kinds of ICT tools:
technology device like computers, smart phones, tablets; social media like
Facebook, twister; software like Digital
storytelling, digital dictionary and other approaches that help to improve vocabularies as well as language
skills. Among them, short film is really good support for teaching and learning
English class.

There are many reasons for the success
of applying short film in English class. First, short film can arouse
motivation effectively and make learning time more enjoyable. Motivation plays
an important role in language acquisition. When people have optimistic feelings
about something, they do it more effectively. It is the same in learning a
language as motivation is a push which keeps learning process smoothly and
continuously. Besides, all age groups in class can benefit from short film
since there are many kinds of film to satisfy each group. There are cartoon for
children, romantic or action film for teenagers, documentary for older learner people
or comedy for everyone. Moreover, short film is an entertainment in class.
Learning is always thought to be hard and boring but in English class, learners
can watch their favorite film and learn at the same time. Learning English
through films not also help to enrich vocabulary, but also help to improve
pronunciation, communication and listening skills through interesting visual

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In order to apply short film in English
class, both teacher and student have to prepare for the lesson. Films which are
used in class should be related to the lesson. Teacher needs to decide what
sort of film, the length and language style of the film he would show students.
Because it is not watching for fun but watching for education purposes, the
watching activities must bring some teaching and learning outcomes. Student
themselves needs to have background knowledge in order to understand the
situation and the language used in films. In addition, the films sound should
be clear enough to keep student’s concentration. Teacher can show short video
at the beginning of a lesson should last maximum for 5 minutes in order to
arouse learners’ interest. If the video is more than 5 minutes, students may lose
their concentration and feel bored. And teacher needs to spend time on other
parts, so 3 to 5 minute film is perfect for a lead-in part. Film can also be
used in the middle of lesson to show learners the use of language pattern they
have learned. For example, the lesson is about future perfect and future
continuous tenses, so teacher can find or create a short video which contains
conversation using these tenses and some vocabularies relating to the topic. By
watching this, students will not only learn the use of two tenses but also know
how to differentiate them in some situations. At the end of the lesson,
watching to 

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