Nowadays technology development every days.
I choose the first project which is about monitor and analysing network. There
are a lot of tools available and its open sources in internet. I try some of
them and I choose the best one that help me to get details about network.
Firstly, I will display some tools which are famous and mostly use. Secondly, I
will explain in details about the tools which will be used in this project.
Thirdly, I will compare between two networks in order to see the different
between them. Finally, I will explain what the main benefits is and how to use
these tools in ethical way.


There are many tools available in the
internet to monitor and analyses network. However, some of them are dangerous
because it show very sensitive details about network which might be attack by
unauthorized access. These are main and famous tools mostly used:

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Most popular protocol analyser for (packet
capture, packet analyse).

High level analysis, traffic sources,
traffic volume.

Analysing packets in-depth and conversation
details, protocol debugging.



This application mostly use to scan about
open ports and active ports in the network.

It’s easy to use by adding any IP address
and it will display details about that IP.



It is very powerful website which allow you
to get details in depth and it’s mostly connected with real device in the
organization. Main use for it to check about networks errors and connection
about every single device in the network. Also its represent the rate use of
users and all details about their computers.



It is an application for monitoring network
with all details and it is easy to use by adding the range of IPs then it will
show you the details. Actually, I show this app to do my project because I
didn’t face any problem while I am using and also it is very helpful by giving
you information directly.







Now I will start explain about Netcrunch
with some screen shot pictures. Firstly, you need to download the application
and the register using any account like Gmail are Facebook. After that it will
open automatically and then you can start pinging.


scanner, after entering the IP address range it will present all IPs in that
network with domain name as it shown below.


Now I will
click on DNS audits which will show me the IPs with domain name which are
available. DNS its mean convert numbers with characters to make easy for use
and remember. 

Now how we
get the subnet mask of the any IP. There is button its calculate the subnet
mask an represent it in table and shown below:


scanner, simple network management protocol. This button use to present
information about other devices such as printers, hubs, switches and routers.




TCP port scanning, Transmission control protocol it is define how computers
sending data and packets to each other. In this app there is button show you every
IP connected with TCP.



services, the application also represent which IP address has the network





Now for monitoring the rate of users in
term of downloading and uploading on the internet I use another application
which present direct and in easy way in called NetWorx.



Also I will use ICMP tool for pinging and
present the rate of the network and uses of computer. The application is called
PING MANAGER. Then I will compare it with another network using this

First network1:



Also I can
add network range so it will present how all details about max rate and tracer.




Second network2:


Finally, I would like to say that learning
new things will increase knowledge and experience which allow you to perform
better. In this project I learn how to use network tools to monitor and analyse
it. Also if I face any network problem I will know from which device came so it
is easy to detect. Moreover, we need to be careful with these programs I mean
use it in ethical way In order to protect the network so If I face any open
port unused I have to close it because unauthorized he/she will be able to join
the network.

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