In the search for a sense of freedom, Nunavut as well as its people are to face arduous undertakings as well as inspiring triumphs, in its struggle to attain what it has been denied for the last quarter century. In a land from which its destiny is balanced on a delicate scale, determined by its accomplishments and drawbacks, which in turn will lead to the future of this vast and intimidating terrain. In time, this newly founded territory will have its turn to prove itself worthy of becoming thefirst territory to grow to be a province. It is in that time that the responsibility of the relationship between the Aboriginal peoples of Nunavut and the Government of Canada will finally be sealed in an intertwined fate.
With the creation of Nunavut, the face of Canada has undergone an immense change from which Canada has not experienced since the introduction of Newfoundland nearly 50 years ago. In fact, this appears to be thefirst time since the year 1867, which resulted in a region of Canada to be brought the opportunity to establish its own government, resulting in the establishment of a government managed according to its own needs. In this form of self-government the Inuit people have the beginnings of the fulfillment of a long-held hope of the Eastern and Central Artic Inuit to gain control over their own destiny, which will in turn although the Inuit to mould their own government in a way that befits their own culture. In the midst of the formation of Nunavut, certain practices have been put in service from which are in many ways unique in comparison with the creation of any other territory or province for that matter. Such practices include that of the absence of political parties, as members represent themselves rather than a faction. Together with the fact that 85 percent of the present government will be held by Inuit, although currently the number of active Inuit government members have been reduced to nearly 50 percent. In…

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