In this scene Gonzalo uses the metaphor, “Make the rope of his destiny our cable. ” This quote displays his devout belief that fate will show them the way. He seems to have lost hope in being rescued and relies in fate to bring them safe. The storm, as well as being a symbol for Prospero’s resent towards his brother for refusing to return his Dukes title, could also be used to emphasise the bitter conflict between the nobles and sailors, also the arguments that seem to be brewing between the nobles as they compete for power in a situation where social statuses are unimportant.

In the stage directions it says, “Enter Mariners wet”. In this context the sea could be used to symbolise the idea of holy water in baptism, suggesting a new start. They have to face up to living on the island together; it represents a new chapter for them in their lives. There is also the suggestion that the sea equates the characters. They are all in the same position; there is no separation between the treatment of the nobles and the sailors displaying their indifferences despite their various perceptions of themselves in society.

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The chaotic opening to this play is poignant as traditionally tragedies end in chaos and disorder, maybe giving a forewarning as to the commotion that occurs later in the play. The dramatic tension caused by the storm creates an effective opening to the play as within it it encapsulates many themes and symbols which are relevant to the rest of the play. As a performance it would help to draw the audience into the action and would encourage them to feel inquisitive about the character’s destinies.

The various characters are clearly depicted within this scene, in this situation the conflict between them is potentially threatening to their lives which again would draw the audience further in. The themes and symbols in the opening scene help to are depicted as continuous plot lines which give the play a linear feel, making it easier to watch. 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Tempest section.

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