Once upon a time, in a royal kingdom, lived a beautiful Princess. The Princess was kind and had a dress in every color. She was always happy until one day, a small monster showed up at the door of her castle, uninvited. He had fur as dark as a shadow and small beady eyes. When the Princess attended school, the Monster talked so much that it distracted the princess from concentrating. He would whisper words of doubt and scolded her for being sad when he said she had everything. The princess started to believe the monster.She didn’t think he could do much harm because he was so small. She thought she had control over the monster, but the monster kept growing larger. The monster got so big that he took up too much space in her life. The princess felt that she couldn’t do anything without having to worry about the monster messing things up. She stopped going outside to play with her princess friends and stopped leaving her room altogether. The monster became so hard to control that the Monster’s thoughts became the Princess’ thoughts. The princess no longer felt like her once happy self and she was ashamed because she did have everything. Then one day, she finally got the courage to tell her parents that something was wrong. The King and Queen didn’t understand the monster because they didn’t see it, but they told her that it was okay to have monsters. The King and Queen took the princess to the Royal Doctor to put a name to her problems. The Royal Psychiatrist told the princess that the monster’s name was Major Depression Disorder,  a mental disorder that can happen at any age. He said that queens and princesses are more at risk of depression that kings and princes. Major depression isn’t treated by magic, but rather medicine prescribed by your Psychiatrist and dealt, with by therapy. such as meditating, writing and most importantly talking to loved ones. The Princess, continued to go to her doctor and over time she learned that even though the people have monsters, just like her. The princess didn’t live happily ever after, but she found ways to gain control over her monster.

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