One of my ex-colleague shared a situation of his spouse
office where she working from last couple of years. Now a day it is usual to chat
in a social media and we are exactly doing the same and updating ourselves
through asking different questions beyond personal issues. While chatting he
shared a situation of his spouse office regarding management/managerial style
issue. The message was too big and he tried to share nuts and bolts of the fact
and it is really unusual to me to go through and replied. I took time and read
the whole message very carefully and replied in a phrase. From my end it was
very clear that he had not happy to see the answer. He was expecting either a
narrative discussion or a message like I received from him. However, now I
would like to share the Phrase which I had sent him was “Mushroom Management.”
It’s a kind of management.

Mushroom Management is the analogy of Mushroom farming.
Mushroom farmers keep mushrooms in the dark and throw manure on them. Major
drawbacks of the management style is to fail communicate effectively. Mushroom
managers are very much concerned about their own career and image. Moreover,
they are skilled in “Keep them in the dark, feed them dung, watch them grow,
and cut of their heads when you are done with them.”

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It’s kind of Management style where the personnel are not
aware and update about general state of the company or organization. Actually
Mushroom managers seek to build their authority by keeping their team in the
dark. In plain words Mushroom Management denotes that workers curiosity and self-expression
are supported and allowed. Visible outcome of this management style is like
communication channels between managers and the employees do not work properly.
Normally what we see in an organization, the communication channels between
managers and employees consists of Meetings, Telephone, writing, Open-Door policy,
emailing etc. Particularly regarding meeting we find such as-regular staff meeting,
conduct one-on –one meeting, town hall etc. But sorry to say in Mushroom Management
all these channels are simple dead and followers of these management styles are
not interested to practice these any more. It is basically run by individual
decision of manager. In other words, Mushroom Managers minimize the flow of
information to their team. Most of the time information scarcity become destructive
because the team essentially blinders on. It can also occur during the handling
of one-off, individual situations. For this reason another name of Mushroom
Management is Blind Development.

Titanic perhaps the most famous ship that ever sailed hit an
iceberg, and the next morning April-15, 1912 sank beneath the North Atlantic
waves. Captain Edward Smith drove the ship at high speed despite warnings of
possible iceberg. When the ship hit an iceberg, only a few members of the crew
aware that the ship was going to sink. Most of the crew men were not informed
about the seriousness of the situation by the captain, binoculars had not been
left in the crew’s nest, where they have would allowed the iceberg to have been
spotted earlier, which resulted in chaos and disorganization. The captain attempted
to act on his own, without incorporating the officers in to his decisions.

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