One in four teenagers admit they are more influenced by celebrities than people they know, according to a new survey.

In today’s day and age, if you ask a teenager who their role model is, it’s likely that most (if not all) will answer with the name of a celebrity; be it a well-known ‘Youtuber’, a famous ‘Instagram’ personality or simply a popular person. In such a time, the influence of celebrities on teenagers and millennials is undeniable.

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With the increasing coverage of media; especially social media, the process of accessibility for teenagers specifically, has soared to a great extent, and due to the influenceability of teenagers, it’s very easy for them to use social media as a mode to look into the lives of famous personalities who are on these various platforms of social media and thereby live their lives in accordance with what they see- with respect to what these personalities post.

We see the wildfire that has become of social media; today, every man, woman and child is active on at least one social media site. People document their lives on social media and follow the lives of those they look up to. There is no doubt that this social media revolution has been exploited by celebrities.

The excessive use of social media- especially that done by famous or influential personalities, unconsciously drives many users of social media to follow the same method and document their lives similarly, which sometimes is not necessarily a positive outcome. Most of us tend to believe that celebrities follow the ideology; with great power, comes great responsibility, but a lot of the times, these personalities don’t take into account the implications of the content that they post and therefore, the impact their post can have on their followers.

It would be wrong to say that celebrities do not have a positive effect on anyone, for there exist personalities who encourage body positivity and emphasize on the importance of mental wellbeing and other positive social causes through social media, therefore the only conclusive idea is that the use of social media by celebrities does have a strong and prominent impact on people but presumably more on teenagers simply due to how impressionable they are.

In the following study guide we will briefly look into the effects that celebrities have on teenagers and millennials via social media.

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