Look at the significance of chapter five to the novel as a whole. Focus on the relevance and effect of writer’s use of language to describe setting, character and what it shows about social and historical influences. “Frankenstein” is a novel which was written in the 19th century by Mary Shelley. The novel is about a man named Victor Frankenstein who attempts to create life, and succeeds. In this novel we get to see the powers and dangers of technology and Mary Shelley suggests that when you meddle with it the outcomes can be very dangerous. The novel not only tells us a story, but also has a deeper meaning with a number of key themes.

One of the themes is that the idea of seeking knowledge is risky. “He who seeks knowledge only has sorrow. ” This is another one of the key themes of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley’s life had a great impact on her writing; one of the reasons was that her parents were both intellectual, which led to Mary Shelley being interested in many debates during that time. One of the things that was happening during that time was the industrial revolution, and there were a lot of debates on that. Another influential experience she had was a miscarriage of her daughter.

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Some people think this could have been the reason why she was so interested in bringing the dead back to life. Not only that, but her own mother died ten days after her birth, which could have been another reason for her interest in life after death. This novel was also written as a warning about man’s use of technology. Mary Shelley is trying to examine how far we should take technology and science. It also shows her fear that people themselves are turning into machines. The novel Frankenstein is a message to people not to interfere with the course of nature.

In the novel Frankenstein, one of the most crucial moments is in Chapter 5. This is the section of the novel where the creature comes to life and victor accomplishes his long awaited project. Chapter 5 not only contains the crucial moment but also gives an inside view of the significance it has. Chapter 5 is an important chapter because tension is created here, since no one knows whether the experiment he is doing will be successful. This builds up the excitement as well as the tension, and when the creature comes to life, this develops the tension even more, as Victor isn’t happy with his creation.

There is a contrast between what Victor had expected and what actually happens, which has a great impact on the rest of the novel. When Victor realises his mistake, he knows that he has gone too far, but? He had already accomplished what he had started. From then on he feels that everything is starting to go wrong. The reason for this is he feels as if he is being punished for what he has done, but the reader can see he is being punished for neglecting the creature after making it. Another thing that adds to Victor’s punishment is that he tries to forget the creature’s existence that shows that how irresponsible he is.

Mary Shelley makes it clear to us as readers that Victor is suffering not because he has committed a sin by bringing the dead back to life but after he had created the creature he turned away from his responsibility. When he was working on his creation he turned away from his responsibility toward his family, and now repeats this neglect towards the being he has formed. Mary Shelley reveals most of Victor Frankenstein’s character in chapter 5, mainly through his emotions. She does this by showing Victor’s reaction when the being comes to life.

One of Victor’s reactions was disappointment: “How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe, or how delineate the wretch whom with such infinite pains and care I had endeavoured to form? ” This quote shows how disappointed Frankenstein is in his creation. It tells us that he had spent two years of his life creating this creature, and fell ill expecting a good outcome from it all. When he ‘succeeds’ instead of feeling pleased he feels guilty and disappointed for creating this creature. Victor feels as if he has created a monster, not brought a person back to life.

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