One of the reasons why I believe
the NBA introduced this rule is because the NCAA was not generating viewership.
A major issue that the NCAA faced before the 2006 implementation of the rule
was that they were lacking viewership across multiple channels because the
“product” was skipping college. With the NCAA being diluted with top talent players
the universities were facing hardships in terms of money. For example, FanSided
researched that in 2003 of the NCAA March-Madness tournament the NCAA
experienced an all-time low of viewership which prompted the possibility to
create the one and done rule (Dallieboust). Many of the top college programs
such as Kentucky, Duke, and UNC were losing out on top prospects because they
were skipping college. If only James, Bryant or Tracy Mcgrady attended college the
ratings for college basketball games would have skyrocketed. Dallieboust stated
that “the NBA was picking off the best talent in the nation,” creating a
situation where the NCAA began to suffer the effects.

mentioned in class how sports leagues use players as a commodity, the NCAA is a
large participant in this process. Ben Simmons, a top three draft pick in 2015,
was exposed to the corruption that the NCAA displays. Simmons was a standout
small forward from Australia and was considering the jump from high school to
the NBA. However, since the one and done rule was placed, Simmons had to attend
LSU for one year. Simmons wanted to pursue his dreams to the NBA. He was a
standout Australian player who was unlike many of his other national players.
His eyes were set to make a living and sport his family by entering the NBA
from high school. Simmons had to forfeit his dreams to attend college for one
year. At LSU everyone besides the superstar benefitted from his season. LSU’s
head coached Johnny Jones received a multi-year extension because LSU landed
the top prospect. Furthermore, LSU contributed to sold-out arenas each night to
watch his game (Jeyarajah). Simmons college experience was a total fail as he
missed classes and was held on academic probation but still managed to be
basketball eligible. Simmons college career was a waste of time as only LSU
benefitted from his arrival (Jeyarajah). If the player like Simmons is ready to
jump straight to the pros then let the player decide for himself. Simmons
currently is the league’s top rookie and has drawn comparisons to LeBron James.
However, if a similar player like Simmons does attend college he should be able
to enjoy his time and experience the college culture.

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             Despite the success of prominent stars such as
James, Bryant, and Garnett, not every player has had the fame and fortune like
them. One of the major reasons why players opted out of their college career
before the one and done rule was to make money. Similarly to the 30 for 30
“Broke,” players retreated to the NBA to make money for their family or keep it
all for themselves. A prime example of a player who did not pan out as a
superstar was Robert Swift. As a 7’1 superstar in high school, Swift was ranked
in ESPN’s top 100 at number 10. Swift originally committed to the University of
Southern California to play basketball but retreated to enter the draft from
high school. In 2004, the Seattle Supersonics chose Swift with the 12th
pick in the draft. Swift lasted only four years in the league playing a total
of 97 games (Christopher). Prior to the NBA draft, multiple high school coaches
and analysts firmly suggested attending college because they did not think he
was ready. Evidently, Swift became one of the NBA’s biggest bust and in 2015
Swift was arrested “for his involvement in an armed home invasion…as he claimed
he was on drugs” (Christopher). Some of his teammates on the Supersonics’
recalled that Swift was a quiet kid yet they saw Swift buying unnecessary items
for himself. In his second season with Seattle, Swift bought a 1.35 million
dollar mansion, shooting rifles, motorcycles and exotic snakes (Beck). Following
his excessive purchasing, Swift blows out his knee and misses the entire
season. Coaches still today believe if Swift made an appearance at USC and
stayed for a few years, he would’ve grown mentally and physically prepared for
the NBA.

coaches and broadcasters have voiced their opinions about the one and done
rule. After analyzing many articles from different reports, the majority of them
suggested the plan that is similar to the MLB. Currently, “the MLB allows
18-year-old players to either jump straight to the professional ranks or go to
college for three years” (Hughes). Making any potential high school superstar
eligible to play. This could be the best alternative to the NBA. Allowing the
player to skip college and allow players to join a college system to better
themselves for the future. With the ability to have players come to college and
attended a university for 3 years will benefit the college coaches. The coach
will have the ability to build a program and emphasize player development on
all levels. This also forces the player to attend his college classes and
participate the college culture. On the other hand, the high school prodigy has
the ability to make the leap he has been dreaming of since he was a child. This
opens the door for more players to be like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.
Fansided stated that “If an individual has a unique chance to make a life-changing
decision than they should be allowed to pursue that venture” making this
possible rule a stepping stone for future stars (Dailleboust). 

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