Opinion Essay Argument: Native English speakers should be forced to study a foreign language.Nowadays it`s very important to be able to communicate with other people and to express your own point of view in an assertive way. To be assertive is a very important life skill people should have at least in their native language. The increasing globalisation implies that we know what is going on all over the world. I think that studying other languages might well be helpful to get right information in many cases, but should native English speakers be forces to study a foreign language?First of all, I think that studying another language is not only useful for communication in a specific country. It is also exercise for the brains and so it helps to keep their mind fit so that they have a better concentration and find it easier to learn and understand new things. I also think that learning a language implies to do social exercises and activities.Furthermore, I am convinced that only a very little percentage of teenage native English speakers would try to learn a foreign language on their own, if they weren’t forced to do it in school. And if some people then would like to, there will be almost no other possibility for this people.My opinion is, that people should be able to express themselves everywhere on the world, especially in emergencies, but also in other situations. For example, to ask for the way or the time etc. I agree that English is the most spoken language on our planet and that many people say that for this reason it’s not necessary to learn another language, but it’s not possible to rely on the fact that almost everywhere live English-speaking people.To sum up, I think that people in every country with functioning schools should be forced to study a foreign language. Also native English speakers, even though in many countries on our planet people speak English. Studying languages isn’t only useful to communicate with other people from other nations, it’s also mental work and it helps to improve interpersonal skills.

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