Sexual Awakening in Marvel Moreno's Oriane: Short story and Film
Oriane, Aunt Oriane, was written by Marvel Moreno in 1980.It demonstrates the sexual awakening of a young girl while visiting her Aunt on vacation. There are many peculiar and eccentric similarities that both Maria and Oriane experience. The two looked alike, were both very curios at a young age, and most importantly had extremely similar sexual awakenings.Throughout the story and film the awareness' of each characters sexual awakenings are bolstered by sounds.These sounds form as a way of communication and spoken language that affected each character emotionally and psychologically.They coincided with the characters feelings of awkwardness, uneasiness, nervousness and excitement to give the audience the feeling of how the character felt at that time, as well as how that character felt toward other characters in the story.
Oriane had had her sexual awakening as a young girl in an affair with her half brother Sergio.Because Sergio was the bastard son of her father, her love with him was forbidden.The forbidden love caused sexual repression for Oriane.In the film, the director uses many sounds to explain the sexual tension between Sergio and Maria.There is one scene in particular where Sergio is sitting on a rocking chair while Maria is lying in the grass.As the chair rocks back and fourth, the sounds epitomize the two having sex.It is quiet comical how the director went about it. After some time of bottled up depression and anxiety, her sexual awakening became an abrupt reality when the two made love.Shortly after, her father found out and killed Sergio.Oriane's awakening and severe depression due to this event made her open to Maria's curiosity about her past.She wanted Maria to find out.
When Oriane and Sergio made love they bore a child.Maria had a similar sexual encounter with Oriane and Sergio's child …

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