It was a cold, frosty evening that night. But then in the dark you could still see everything as clear as it would have been in the bright daylight. From every strand of grass that had stood up as a strong soldier to the clear ice that was forming over the silent lake. There was no wind, but yet you could hear the crisp, crunch of the ice, coming near us, making its way over the lake then through the leaves, still finding its way within the fog and then dissolving from the heat of our breaths, from a repetitive beat, in… out… inn, a rhythm that had formed though the strength of our love…

that only we could hear with the key to each others heart. The lake sparkled; I remember seeing the shadow of the stars that night and a full moon that was lying at my side, in the water. The rain that had fallen earlier left its mark on all leaves, with tiny droplets of still water waiting to get smaller and smaller till finally it was gone. The leaves that had fallen from the other trees had begun to curl up from the water droplets. From the light, I saw the colours of a dusty brown and a radiant orange next to one another, making its way of beauty through the place where we sat.

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Just then vibrant red and yellow leaves passed, it felt as if I had touched them and that they were not from this place. The beauty of the leaves that I saw touched the water, landing softly on the rim of the lake. The leaf lay there, wanting to be swept into the large, open waters, but then the little clumps of sand alongside the lake, kept the leaf in its place. No matter how much I reflected this on to my life, I felt as if I was the leaf wanting to leave maybe. Forever… The wide willow that we were slouching against, had entwined its magical vines to us.

The branches leaned over, looking like a rope to climb up into the nights sky, entering another way of looking at people and the world, “What a sight” we had imagined, just thinking of going into another world sent chills along my spine. The wonder of visiting and not knowing anyone else except us, had lead the moment on to realise that it was our love and fantasy that entitled us to be different to the reality of living in the “world”. The world was such a big place and we were only 2 little dots in the eyes of it. But then again, we did not need the world, friends or family as well as anyone else.

We had our own world that we had dreamt up, together, side by side, it was one where ‘no one’ could interfere in. it was a world where only me and him mattered and were the only ones who could say anything we wanted to. Be it expressing our love, making jokes, laughing so loud it sounds like howls – waking up newly born wolf cubs who are deaf or going into our own homes without relations muttering a word. ‘Yes’ this was our world, but then the only place we could be together is under the willow tree. That night, under the willow tree, we sat there.

Everything looked beautiful, the lake, the leaves, the sky and… him. The soft rays from the moon reflected of his face. I was captured in the depths of his eyes, almost like a spell- but still completely aware of my actions. Even though the moon was giving rays of light amidst the fog, I could still see the love he had for me and the strength of our relationship through his bold eyes. The colour light green and brown filled his eyes, illuminating with the moons gleam. I could see the reflection of myself gazing into his eyes.

His eyes were bold with thick, black eyelashes surrounding his way of looking at the world and… at me. His eyebrows were naturally shaped, fitting in with his face structure perfectly, through the light I could see his fair skin, and dark hair contrast to one another, I turned my head, laughing to myself, my hair passed his warm face, almost tickling him. We lay down, looking at the moon that was now in the middle of the sky, my head resting on his shoulder. I began to think about how we had this secret place in the forest, locked into each others eyes and that no one could come between this secret love.

At that moment there was a burst of vengeance from the wind, and the leaves began to rustle, the lake that was silent was now screaming with the wind, no matter how much I covered my ears, the sounds were still entering, the howls of laughter were now loud cries of help, the willow tree that was supposed to be our home… our world… was now shaking, throwing its arms in the air, trapping us in this limited space, the soft crisp sounds of ice were now glass smashing to pieces, the eyes that I had once looked into were now crushed into a million pieces and the reflection that I saw of myself was now mirrors burnt and destroyed to dust…

leaving the good fortune I once had, to a life time full of the wrong fate and destiny, imprinted on my hands… because without him now I am nothing… I need him; my love… my one true love… Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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