I have no energy left to react and I have no energy to run anymore. I dragged myself up from the park grass, in a haze of confusion, walked aimlessly to try and clear my head and to figure out happens now. But as I was crossing the road and pressed the traffic light wait-button, the face of a girl I recognised, yet hadn’t seen in a while, was staring right back at me. Suddenly I fell to my knees, crying out but with no tears. I looked back up to the poster and that’s when the tears started to fall. I was looked at myself. Myself on a wanted poster. Myself on a wanted poster sent by my dad.

I ripped down the poster from the thin traffic light pole, making my body cringe as I hit the ends of my nails and fingertips on the poll, heard the buzz from above me and I pushed myself through the big huddle of people crossing the road until I got to the other side and I outran all the joggers until I got to the safety of my cardboard box on the my usual patch of pavement. I dropped my head, pulled in my knees and started to rock while humming my lullaby to try and comfort myself. A hand then reached its way from one side of my shoulder to the other, I held my breath, widened my eyes and slowly lifted my head.

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“Hayley, Hayley, Hayley,” Dylan said. “What’s happened pet? I have been looking for you everywhere. Where did you go? Don’t cry. I’m here. ” Dylan said this in such a rush to calm me down that I don’t even think he noticed how I flung myself back after seeing him and am now frozen taking fast light intakes of air but unable to breathe out. “Hayley please, you are making me really scared. Tell me what’s wrong,” pleaded Dylan, with his brow creased up so tightly and the worry in his eyes bearing down at me. “Y……. You,” I barked powerlessly. “Y…… You left me! I was alone… again!

” I said this with so many mixed emotions that left Dylan without words. He just pulled me in towards his chest and didn’t let go. I could hear the fast beating of his heart and as Dylan smoothed the hair back from my face, I wrapped my arms so tightly around him that nothing could bring us apart again. Once my sobs had stopped and Dylan’s fingers were now tracing shapes on the back of my neck, I said into the fabric of his now wet guns-and-roses t-shirt “Please, please never leaves me again. ” This was when Dylan began to speak. “Hayley! I can’t believe.. ,” said Dylan, trailing off, stuck for words.

“I would never leave you. You are my life now. I tried to wake you and tell you where I was going but you haven’t slept in so long that you were out cold. I didn’t think you would wake up in a good while, so from the few pennies I collected last night by playing to you, I got us a cup of tea. I just can’t believe you thought I would.. ,” once again trailing off into nothing. Yet he then remembered what caused all this and opened my hand to give me the tea. However, as he opened my palm, there was the crumpled poster in my clammy hand leaving Dylan with a gasp and, as his chest slowly lowered, he splurged out “Your dads…

look for you? But Hayley what happens if someone sees you and they ring the police. They will come and get you and take you back to your dad. I can’t have you back with him, after hearing what he’s done to you and after feeling the way I do for you. I can’t let it happen. ” Dylan spurted this out in one big drawl of panic reaching out for me once again. “Nothing can separate us,” he said. We are meant to be together. Wherever I am, I just want you to be by my side. I will never let you go Hayley. ” He had tears trickling down his face.

Once again my tears started to fall, me and Dylan were entwined in each other’s grasp both crying for each other, looking out into the streets of London seeing people smile, laugh and be with the one they love. “That will be us soon, just you see,” I said sleepily to Dylan, dropping the lids of my eyes to a close and instantly falling asleep. “I love you Hayley,” whispered Dylan. “That’s her! That’s the girl,” said a man’s loud shout, pointing towards me. Then I suddenly felt my left arm being pulled from above making me free from Dylan’s hands. His eyes snapped open, he reached and caught my dangling hand.

” Hayley! What? What’s going on,” Dylan shouted, with pain in his voice? “Excuse me boy, who are you? ” The police officer had his hand gripped so tightly around my arm that it will leave yet another hand print upon my abused body. “Get your hand off her,” shouted Dylan aggressively, ignoring the officer’s past question. “She has to come with us,” the policeman said. Hayley your dad had been so worried about you, he can’t wait for you to be back home, safe and sound. ” The copper turned to me with his feeble attempt to comfort me, but in fact making it so much worse.

I had been mute up to now, and limp, with only Dylan’s hand in mine keeping my near him. But as the reality of the situation dawned on me I pulled my arm away from the officer’s, wrapped it round Dylan’s neck and closed the space between us. With tears running down my face I kissed him. There, in the middle of the street, as the world went on around us. Behind me, I knew that there where police officers waiting to take me away from the hold of Dylan and break my heart, but this very second there was nothing else in the world that could have mattered to me.

No thoughts of mine could ruin this moment. With a kiss that took my breath away, before I returned the affection, the officers yanked me from the love of Dylan, with the whisper of ‘I love you too’ trailing off into the distance as I was dragged into the door of their police car. “Hayley!!! What do I do now? What do I do without you,” cried Dylan, as I watched his heart being torn in two right before me with all his facial features that I love drop into the face of a stranger. “Use the poem Dylan. Use the poem to save us,” I shrieked, in hope he would understand what I was saying.

Right then, as the door to the police car slammed, I could see him reach into his pocket, pull out my poem book and see his eyes follow the poem that could eventually bring us back together. Why didn’t they care for me? My inside they never did see, My heart cries… my body is sore, Paralysing me to the innermost core, The frustration, the misery and the pain, Driving me crazy… turning me insane, Escaping away, do I have what it takes? And finally I accept the things I contemplate, Trying to live, trying to bear, It’s too much for me to care,

I was never wanted, couldn’t retake, I was invisible to the world, I was a mistake. As the car came began to move through the traffic of London, I could see in Dylan’s face. He knew what he had to do. He could make the world listen to my words and his voice, giving us both what we deserve. This is our lucky break. He found my once. He saved me. He’ll find me again. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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