Our earth is incredible, the ability to maintain life at a successful rate not only keeps our human race existing but also makes earth a home to millions of other species. One of the most crucial components that helps the earth enable life are trees. Trees provide us with oxygen, store carbon, stabilize soil effectively, and establishes a home for wildlife. However, today in America we utilize these trees by cutting them down which opens up, jobs, more land for the expansion of population, and usable material that can be used throughout the nation. Even though we obtain benefits from deforestation, is it really worth destroying our environment which holds life in its very own hands. As of 2010, 751,255,000 acres of land has been cleared out in the United States. Eventually, the trees will grow back, however, at the rate we are clearing them out won’t allow the new trees to grow fast enough to be effective to our environment. Deforestation impacts our climate in a negative way, releasing carbon that the trees are storing into the air as they are cut down or burned. The carbon is then mixed with the gases in our atmosphere adding on to the pollution crisis (“Deforestation Facts”). Not only do the trees produce carbon, but the equipment that is being used for deforestation does as well. Therefore, leading to climate change and our atmosphere being polluted with carbon dioxide. Not only can our air be affected, but millions of species can lose their homes from deforestation. The permanent removal of the forest will strip these animals from there home, resulting in death. As the rate of deforestation is increasing, what is our nation using all the wood for?Our population is massively growing each year, resulting in expanding our nation. Cutting down trees and increasing the number of homes, solves the problem, however, it’s not helping our environment. Putting in these new settlements permermantly exterminates the forest in that area. In addition to, one of the main causes for deforestation is agricultural expansion, this the conversion from forest to agriculture plantations. The demand for commodities is rapidly increasing, such as, palm oils and soybeans (“Solutions”). This drives industries to produce more product faster and enlarge their businesses to keep up with the nations needs. Another factor that contributes to deforestation is logging. There are many wood based industries, such as furniture, paper, and match-sticks. These companies rely highly on wood to manufacture their product. However, solutions have arised to reduce the amount of excessive deforestation in our nation.In America, there are many companies, civil society groups, and governments that promote reusing material, to decrease the amount of deforestation. In 2014, the United States of America teamed up with more than 110 of these groups world wide to extensively reduce deforestation by the year 2030. Our country is teaming up with others such as, Canada, the United Kingdom and Norway, to help prevent trees from causing pollution to our earth. The New York Declaration On Forests stated that “the effort would be equal to removing from the road every car in the world, or not burning a trillion pounds of coal, or turning off every smokestack and tailpipe in the U.S.” (Banerjee). This collaboration can not only eliminate deforestation in America, but can have a positive world wide effect on all forests around the world. Politics have a substantial effect on deforestation and it all starts with our government. We need our forests to be protected from illegal logging and poor sustainable forest management. Illegal logging “occurs when timber is harvested, transported, processed, bought or sold in violation of national or sub-national laws” (“Illegal”). Sustainable forest management is “environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of forests for present and future generations” (“Sustainable”). Poor management can lead to no forest in the future. If these violations are not properly monitored, are forest can be taken advantage of. However, in America we have laws that protect our forest, such as, the Wilderness Act, Lacey Act and the Roadless Rule (“Solutions”). Each of these have the similar purpose in protecting America’s forest and reserve them for the future. Our government needs to track these forest and ensure that these laws are being followed by our nation.   Some land in our country have been home to many indigenous people in our lifetime, however, today many of their ancestors still respect their rights they have towards the land. But, many corporations and governments oversee their rights. For example,the Waswanipi Cree of Northern Quebec are defending their traditional land to still stay intact and prevent it from any harm (“Solutions”). As a matter of fact, land that is protected by indigenous people, is more likely to be respected and have less deforestation. Land that belongs to these people should be treated with respect and should not have any removal of the forest in that area. Corporations are the most significant reason for deforestation, however, if they are capable of clearing forests, they should have the capability in restoring them. Each company should introduce the “zero deforestation” policy. This policy is when the companies manufacture their product with recycled material, to conserve the trees. For example, companies such as L’Oréal, Hershey, and Disney. L’Oréal plans on making all their products “zero deforestation” by the year 2020. They are doing this by using all reusable material to produce their product. Hershey’s main use for the trees is because of the palm oil however, they aim to purchase the oil from sustainable sources that don’t partake in deforestation. Disney is a massive industry, especially when it comes to publishing children’s books and magazines. They have supported the no deforestation policy by dropping all paper suppliers linked to deforestation (“7 Companies”). To have these major industries fight against deforestation must attract a lot of attention to the issue, that may result in more companies following in the direction of the “zero deforestation” policy. The positive effect that our world could have on deforestation can change the world for the better. To eliminate deforestation could provide our country and world with cleaner air and a future filled with trees. Deforestation is a solvable problem by buying products that follow the “zero deforestation” policy. Our government can be held responsible to monitor the laws of the forest, tracking areas that have had illegal logging and poor sustainable forest management.

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