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HR- an abbreviated term known as Human resource.HR department is incorporated in every company to boost employee performance in service of an employer’s crucial objectives. The priority is on employee management with attention given to employee’s because they are the assets of the organisation. The capability to meet business needs by managing significant resources is one of the main and optimal responsibilities HR department. 

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There are various HR areas where the department has to perform differently and carry out important functions: Here are the list of roles carried out by the HR department

Recruitment and Selection
The HR team distributes value to the organization through the process of recruitment and culling. The organization gets the opportunity to identify vigorous and impotent performers and engage congruous applicants in employment conversation.

Workforce planning
The HR department’s job duty starts with workforce devising. Under this process, discussions on the kind of workforce and skills required take place.

It is about the amount to pay the representatives under the heads of pay, motivators, compensation, and so forth. Be that as it may, it is something other than a paycheck. Paying too high or excessively tiny can hurt the association’s position in the business or employment advertise.

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