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Hinduism, with one hundred million followers, is one of the oldest religions that still exists today. Despite its many deities, it is a monotheistic religion which focuses on one major god called Brahman. Unlike western religions, hinduism does not have specific sets of rules but instead follow Dharma, the best way for life. Today 15% of the world believe in Hinduism with the majority living in India. The percentage of Hindus is expected to fall 15.0% to 14.9% by the year 2050. Hindu worship today is different from the beginning due to its history and created varieties of beliefs and practices.
Hinduism darts back to around 1500 BCE around the Indus Valley, currently known as the Indus River. The Aryans eventually came down to the Indus Valley and shared the idea of Hinduism making it spread even faster. They didn’t only bring one idea down but also the concept of a caste system. All of Hinduism was based mainly on the sacred texts known as Vedas. After a few centuries, the thought of temples crossed their minds. Sooner or later, in around 100 AD, they made a temple. This temple did not worship a god or goddess but instead worshiped their emperor.
Beliefs in hinduism are very diverse and complex. The religion is not created by one person, but instead created by a clash of religions mixed up in one religion. Even if Hindus have different beliefs from one another, they must accept some of the basic rules in order for them to become a Hindu. One of the rules is that Hindus are required accept Dharma. Dharma is considered the best way of living life. This rule decides the moral decision or ethical reasoning for the believers of hinduism in order for them to be reincarnated to a better life. Hinduism also believe in Karma that allows good actions come back to the person followed Dharma and its rules and bad actions returned for those who do not follow Dharma. Karma decides its final punishment or reward during reincarnation and gives a happier after life for those who followed the rules. Dharma was half formed in 1500 BCE and the rules became more strict when the Aryans moved in. They brought up the caste system dividing social classes. It is said that the more you follow Darma, the more higher the caste you will be until you leave it, entering a heavenly state called moksha. In the past and sometimes in the present, the caste systems will determine your reputation, lifestyle, and education.
In the religion of Hinduism, there are a variety of festivals and celebrations that occur throughout the year. From birth to death, male or female, they all do the same things. At birth, Jatakarma is done by giving the baby some honey and whispering god’s name into his or her ear. After marriage, a prayer called Garbhadhana is recited for the responsibility of growing the Hindu race. At death, they cremate the body and pour it into a river. This ritual is done because they believe that the soul will move to another body. These are currently common practices for Hindus but a long time ago, they didn’t believe in this. During the Vedic Period, they made sacrifices for Shiva. The sacrifices are killed for a desire to be granted. Now, they either perform puja or go to a temple and pray there. There are many festivals that celebrate each event. Diwali: the festival of light, Navaratri: a celebration of fertility and harvest, Holi: a spring festival, Janmashtami: a tribute to Krishna’s birthday, Raksha Bandhan: a celebration of the bond between brother and sister, Mahashivaratri: the great festival of Shiva. These are just a few from a big group of celebrations.
Hinduism is truly an amazing religion. There are millions who also agree with me and those people are the followers. Just by participating in a small event or praying everyday shows how much you believe in. The concept of karma, the cycle of life, the soul are just a little bit of the things that we all know today. The most astonishing thing is that hinduism isn’t really a religion but philosophies. Hinduism is made from many beliefs and not created by a sole leader. There are so many things that have come from hinduism and we never knew it.

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