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“Peace between countries must rest on the solid foundation of love between individuals.” First World War was evidence of destruction which took millions of lives. After that, people hoped that another catastrophic conflict would not happen again. The league of nations formed in 1920  with the purpose of preventing and avoiding war through discussion and negotiation. Although the League of nations had some successes, but no sooner the First World War ended, the Second World War started and the League of nations was helpless. Then the United nations appeared with the responsibility to exterminate war, keeping international peace and security.  UM peacekeeping aids countries explore the difficulties from strife to peace. However, some UN peacekeeping missions succeeded and others failed. This speech will investigate whether the five Peace Keeping missions (Palestine, Korea, Congo, Six- Day war and Iran and Iraq war) succeeded or failed. 

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The first UN Peace Keeping mission is Palestine (1947- 1949). On November 29, 1947, the United Nations GA (General Assembly) passed a resolution to partition Palestine into two states; one Jewish and one Arab, after Britain asked the United nations to evaluate Palestines future since it was trying to keep the peace between Palestinians and Jews. However, this plan was not accepted by the Palestinians and the Arab states since they thought that it was unfair to ignore their rights; Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Said, said: “We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in”. But the majority of the Jews supported this decision. The number of Jewish settlers had increased greatly which caused the Palestinians to flee their homes and the Jews gained more territory. In 1948, the Jews declared the State of Israel and were attacked by Arab countries that surrounded in a war which lasted from May 1948 to January 1949. This lead about 83 percent of the Palestinian population to leave their homes and become refugees. The United Nations tried to stop the war, but failed at doing that since its ceasefire did not hold. Eventually, a truce was signed in 1949, however, no peace treaty was agreed. This UN Peacekeeping mission (Palestine 1947- 1949) failed due to the UN failing at avoiding war, keeping peace and maintaining the country’s stability. 

The second UN peacekeeping mission is Congo (1960). The Congo had been a colony of Belgian, but in 1960, Belgian announced that it was giving the Congo its independence, which was declared in 1960. After the independence, the army mutinied against the white officers in the capital Leopoldville. The government was ruined by the mutiny and the Belgians were terrified so they sent paratroopers to protect Belgian citizens in the Congo. It was an illegal act since the Congo was an independent country and is free from the Belgian rule, which lead to the government not inviting the troops in. After that, a mineral-rich area of Katanga was declared an independent state. With such chaos occurring, the prime minister of the Congo appealed to the United Nations for help. The Security Council created an army to bring back the law and order to the Congo. Nearly 10,000 troops were sent. The United nations force was only allowed to use force for self defense and it wasn’t allowed to pick sides. Immediately, many things went wrong for the United Nations force. The prime minister asked the UN to use the military force to crash the power of Katanga. However, the Secretary General refused and the prime minister accused the UN for taking sides with Katanga because its a mineral-rich area. Lumumba then asked the USSR for help which lead the Russians to provide his government with military equipment that gave him an opportunity to attack Katanga. This attack failed and the President dismissed Lumumba, and was then murdered. The Congo then divided into four groups and Katanga was backed by the Belgians. The UN authorized its troops to use force to prevent a civil war. An agreement was signed by three of the four groups and a “coalition” government formed. In 1963, The Congo was finally united. In my opinion, This UN peacekeeping mission was successful since it achieved its objectives; it restored the law and order, it stopped other countries from getting involved, it assisted in building the nation’s economy, supported health care and restored its stability. However, not all countries agreed by what the UN has done. Russia, France and Belgium did not pay their part which almost lead to the bankruptcy of the UN. The third peacekeeping mission is Korea (1050- 1053). At the end of the Second World war, Korea divided into two two groups; North Korea which was in the hands of the Soviet union and China and South Korea was in the hands or USA. Both parties agreed to withdraw their forces and allow free elections to decide the future government for a united Korea. However, Russia and China decided to spread communism to South Korea in order to make a united communist united Korea. But the UN did not accept this decision and took sides with South Korea which was democratic. In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea aiming to unify the country as a communist country. The USSR was boycotting the United Nations and the Russian delegation did not attend the UN security council meeting. During the meeting, USA stated that North Korea completely broke world peace by attacking the South. In 1950, USA called on the UN to use force against North Koreans to get them out. The United Nations then planned and provided troops to fight with the South Korean army. They landed in a success and the UN pushed the South Koreans out. In 1953, a ceasefire was agreed and South Korea became independent which was still in the hands of America. Russia on the other hand, stopped boycotting the United Nations while America worked on a resolution “Uniting For Peace”. In my opinion, this UN peacekeeping missions failed. Although the war stopped, however, North and South Korea did not become politically stable and many people were damages during this war. 


The six day war was a humiliating defeat for Arab powers and a major victory for Israel. It was a war that began on June 5, 1967 and ended on June 10, 1967. The fight was between the three Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan and Syria) and Israel, after the soviet intelligence informed Egypt that Israeli forces were building up near the Syrian border. The Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser ordered 130, 000 Egyptian troops to move into the Sinai Peninsula along Israels borders. Israel took that as a sign, that the three Arab countries declared war. However, his intent was to prevent Syria from being occupied rather than to attack Israel and Nasser ordered to remove the UN peacekeeping from Sanai. The president blocked the Straits pf Tiran to block ships from passing through Israel and was confident of their army, what he didn’t know was that Israel’s army was better equipped and ready for war, as they stroke against Egyptians suddenly. 200 Israeli jets struck 18 Egyptian airfields destroying more than 80% of the country’s air force in this surprise attack. After that, Israel was then attacked by both Jordan and Syria and defeated them. This war only lasted for 6 days from beginning to end. The United Nations ordered a ceasefire and drew up a resolution (242) to restore peace. The war eventually stopped after both parties except Syria signed an agreement. In my opinion, this peacekeeping mission completely failed. Although the war stopped, but hundreds of people were damaged and had to give up their homes and lives in this war, which is definitely not one of the UN peacekeeping missions tasks. 

In conclusion, I believe that the UN peacekeeping missions are unsuccessful. One of the reasons why is that only 1 out of 4 mission succeeded and kept peace between two parties and kept the stability. The peacekeeping mission that succeeded was Congo and the others failed. 

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