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Brian Yin
January 24, 2018

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Managing Stress
Have you ever felt sick during a final math exam? Have you had days when you were so overwhelmed with your homework that you can even sleep? Have you ever been so concerned about something that you become so worried? Have you ever had stress in your family or with other people before? Hello, my name is Brian Yin and today I am going to explain how to manage stress. For those of you who don’ t know what stress is, stress is what you feel when you are angry, inpatient, worried or un comfortable about something. Why do we need to manage stress? Everyone needs to manage stress because if we don’t manage stress properly, it will hurt the feelings of others. If you feel stress, the first step is to not have a tamper tantrum. This means not to show your anger or uncomfortableness by expressing it. If you express your stress, it will cause a lot more stress than you used to have.
One example of stress is at home you are extremely tired because you just come home from baseball practice. Your mom calls you down to do your homework and you say you are too tired. Both of you have a long argument. Both you and your mom are stressed. Another example of stress is school stress. Let’s say you have to type 500 word essay due tomorrow about why Albert Einstein is a genius. You just recently lost your Chromebook at school and your brother is playing games on his computer, your dad is on an online business meeting and your mom left her computer at her office. You have no choice but to got to a library. When you get there, there are only 10 more minutes until the library closes. You rush to a computer and quickly type your speech, not even counting the words, not even checking for grammar mistakes. The next day, you drop it in a puddle on the way to school. This is a lot of stress to take. A further example, at school, you are constantly being laughed at for being short and losing in basketball every time. You are mad, frustrated, and feel like you are going to explode. Do not stress about this. God created us equally and gave us all merit. Some people cannot see your merit. If you are constantly being teased or upset, first thing to do is to tell your parents or a teacher, but don’t get mad.
The most frequent question asked is: How do you deal with stress? Actually, there are quite a number of ways to deal with stress. The first way is not to express your stress in any negative way, such as don’t make an angry face or any thing that may make others feel uncomfortable. The second way is to take a deep breath and calm down. Inhale and exhale. The third way is to go into a room for one minute by yourself as this will calm you down. The fourth way is to play video games or do whatever calms you down or makes you happier. The  fifth way is to exercise, such as pay soccer or hockey or ping pong if you have a ping pong table. Once when I was getting angry when my brother and I were playing video games. I kept on losing. I took a deep breath. I desperately left the room to go downstairs to shoot my pucks to calm down because hockey is one of my favourite sports and I decided to play it to cool me down. What I learned was not to roar at my brother. So remember, never express your stress. I hope you learned a lot about what stress is and how to manage it. Thank you for listening to my speech about managing stress and please feel free to let me if you have any questions. Thank you!

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