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Endosymbiotic Theory or you can call it symbiogenesis, is an evolutionary theory of by which prokaryotes organisms gave rise to the first eukaryotic cells. Konstantin Mereschkowski, a Russian botanist, originated this theory in 1905 and 1910. Afterwards, this theory was substantiated by Lynn Margulis in here research which is “On the origin of mitosing cells” in 1967 by some microbiological evidence.
You may also understand this relationship like landlord and renter, mitochondria and chloroplast are both individually organelles that living by themselves, however, those two organelles can find and live with other cells by phagocytosis process. Rather than killing each other, those two cells can have symbiosis; the host cell can provide a place to live and the organelle pay to host cell by making energy for both of them.  
The landlord and renter may have some similarities but also differences. There are many pieces of evidence to show that bacteria have some similarities with mitochondria and chloroplast. Those similarities can be the good evidence to supports the endosymbiotic hypothesis. The mitochondria and chloroplast have similar size, function and structure of bacteria. More detail, mitochondria, chloroplast and prokaryotes (bacteria) has the similar size range, which around one to ten microns in size. It looks like a very simple detail, but if these three things have large differences in size, the theory may seem wrong.  In structure aspect, mitochondria and chloroplast carry their separate genomes same as bacteria. That means mitochondria has it own circular DNA, and like mitochondria, chloroplast has their DNA and can independently reproduce and grow. In function side, the purple-aerobic bacteria have similar characteristics with mitochondria, they both produce APT by using oxygen.

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