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I think Yoga can helps people relax and keep fit.  
From the perspective of religion on “God” and “Genesis”, there are often conflicting religious concepts (yoga is the practice of the three major religions) and Christianity.
In particular, concepts such as “reincarnation (rebirth)” and “industry (fate)” in the deep philosophy of yoga are unacceptable and communicative to Judaism and Christianity. This is one of the reasons why the beginning of yoga encounters resistance in the West. One of my yoga instructors who had married Buddhism also said that her guru did not claim that she continued to engage in yoga teaching in India. I am afraid there are similar reasons.
The so-called Kabbalab Yoga, which is now popular in the West, may be seen as an expression of a moderate path.
“Vatican” can be viewed as “god” in some cases (especially in religious concepts), so some people put the “vanish and unity” as “the unity of God and man”, which is often referred to by the Chinese as “the heavens.” “Unity” has many similarities.
Yoga has long been historically used as a method of philosophical school of number theory, and the number theory school is based on atheism. That being said, it is probably understandable. In the same way, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism all use yoga as their cultivation method. The relationship between yoga and religion can generally be seen that way. Although different religions will have their own interpretation and development in the use of yoga, it should not change the fundamentals of yoga.
Yoga, in fact, should be more of a means of understanding the human self, understanding nature, and understanding the universe. It is not religious in nature, which is why deep religions can use it as a tool. Similarly, we can only use yoga as a tool. As for whether you are working out for fitness or other, listen to your respect.
To practice yoga, in terms of efficacy, as many Christians experience, it will be helpful to strengthen their religious beliefs. Although the destinations of different religions are different on the surface, they are the same as those of Ramakrishna and other sages. The difference is only the difference between the road and its name.
The purpose of yoga is to meditate or meditate. The effect of fitness is naturally a by-product. Yoga is a good practice. As religious differences are related to the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, there is actually no spiritual practice in Western religions because of Western culture. 

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