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About 10 minutes ago, I was thinking to myself, whether I should greet the audience or not. Well, obviously its common courtesy but it felt so awkward to do it. Then I realized that if I wasn’t going to greet the audience then I wouldn’t be following my script and if I do I most probably speak in an accent I never had before. 

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” Good— morning I bid to the judges, teachers and all my friends. To be honest, I don’t even know half of you, but you’re stuck as my friend for now. ” 

Now, remember how I said didn’t want to greet the audience? That, just now, was called ditching the script and improvising, what my brother always tells me to do when he sees me do something stupid. ‘ improviseeeeee’ 

Right now, I’m going to make you think I’m telling you a story, at least at the beginning but I’m not. 

A very long time ago, when dinosaurs have already went extinct and humans started roaming the earth, our objective was simple. Stay alive, which also means run for your lives if you see a prehistoric crocodile staring at you and make sure you take me along because I don’t not want to be ripped apart by that thing. Water, food, land, shelter, are all our basic elements of living. So we hunt for food, y’know, take a spear, go into the river and start stabbing the water in hopes your foot won’t be mistaken as food. 

Fast forward a million years later when the pyramids were already built and the great wall of china was already standing there in all its glory and now we’re still waiting for the wall to be built between the USA and Mexico, what do we need to stay alive today? 

What do you think? Water, food, shelter, land.. . no. You see, today, we can’t take whatever nature provides us. It all comes with a price. Think about it, if we needed those elements, beggars won’t be going around in restaurants asking for money. Instead they’ll be holding an empty bottle and a plate and they’ll go up to you – 

” Excuse me, sir, do you mind if you share a bit of that pizza- ” 

*slap myself* 

” I am not sharing my pizza. ” 

” Uh.. wrong table.. ” 

You see, our lives resolves around money. We have to pay to live. The reason why you’re here at school today is to either work or study so you can pay for your life in the future. But little do we know that money is the most worthless thing in the universe. We need food but we ourselves are killing off the source of food and water by pollution, deforestation, slaughter houses. Once we no longer have food, is it then only we’ll realize that we can’t eat money? Unless if you want to choke then.. not my problem.

Our world is like a yarn ball, but after a cat plays with it. Tangled and messed up. Money is basically scripting our lives. We were all given scripts to follow when we were born. But our scripts literally goes like this – Scene One, pop out of your mom’s womb, make sure you cry or they’ll think you’re dead, go to school, graduate, get a job, get married if you’ve found, the one, retire, die. That’s it. 

Alan Watts, a British philosopher and thinker said-  

” If you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your lives completely wasting your time. You’ll be doing things you don’t like in order to go on living, that is to go on doing thing you don’t like doing. Which is stupid. ”

So ask yourself. What would you like to do if money were no object? 

Our world has changed so much there’s rules to follow, principles in life, a right and wrong way of living. Like how being gay is wrong, four minutes can turn you gay, being lesbian is wrong, being transgender is wrong, being muslims means you’re a terrorist, being dark skinned means you rob banks? 

You see I can’t change you. I’m barely 15 and all I could is put a thought into your mind. Because after everyone leaves this hall, we’ll be doing the same thing all over again. You wake up in the same room, to do the same thing, going the same places and living yesterday over and over again. How long do you plan to keep following a script. You have a choice now, to either continue following the script and passing the same script down to your children or you can choose to burn the script, take a pen or a pencil, whatever you desire and start writing a new one. Make as exiciting as possible, or as boring as possible, whatever you want. Just make sure you leave this world not regretting what you’ve not done. 

Once upon a time, the world was unscripted. 

Try to bring that back. Thank you. 

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