After viewing the film "Purdha" in class, I found many different types of positions, issues, and interests for three sides of the problem: the men of the rural Pakistani villages, the women of those villages, and the western world's point of view.A position is when someone says what they want An issue is a question which defines dispute, and an interest is parties desired goals. After viewing this film, I also had a lot of anger built up inside of me to see how the women are treated over there; however, I will not be discussing my anger, but only my response to the abuse the women go through because of Pakistan people's beliefs.
The problem with this issue is that hundreds of women are killed and burned each year. This makes their children in danger by showing that this might happen to them, and it's ok for this to happen. Women have absolute no rights and they are invisible to men. They must be covered head to toe when they are allowed to go out of their house. Women have fewer rights than the men in Pakistan. If a man kills a women, they don't get in trouble; however, if a women kills his husband in self defense, they are sentenced to ten years in jail or they are put on death row. The other problem is that the outer world doesn't understand that this is part of their beliefs and they think negatively upon them.
The men's position's with this problem are to kill their wives, burn them, and beat them if they even think they are having outside relations with another man. Father's positions are to kill their daughters if they don't agree with getting married with out their own will. The men of Pakistan don't want the women to have education or any freedom of their own. Their positions barley gets them in trouble. There is a slim chance in getting caught; however, if they do, they are sent to jail for a brief amount of time. The men also want to follow the teachings of the…

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