Parents were always meant to raise their children no matter what the situation is. In special circumstances, the parents could have died or, in a lot of cases, left their child or children because the parents could be alcoholics and/or using drugs. People might not understand what children without parents did go through so what is important is for people to know how much pain children felt. Children without parents have tougher times telling their emotions and usually don’t feel secure or have security. The kids won’t be healthy because with no parents being able to provide for the kids, kids won’t be able to stay fit. Children with parents have better opportunities to earn social skills and get higher grades but without parents, gaining the social skills and higher grades will be harder. In Forged by Fire Gerald and Angel could have got better opportunities if they had more supporting and involved parents. Children without parents have a harder childhood because the systems in place aren’t successful, not many foster kids get adopted, and many children get removed from homes by the state. First of all, the systems in place do not help children as much as foster care could. According to Red, “Some simply leave out information, but they will do whatever it takes to find homes for the hundreds of kids needing placement. There are a lot of with difficulties kids due to what they’ve been exposed to and it’s important you know what you are dealing with, but you don’t always get all of the facts” (Red 1). Many social workers might not tell the truth, to protect the children by scaring the child or children with the truth. An example, is if the child is separated from their sibling, the child will probably be very upset. Another example, is if the child will be moved away from the childhood he or she was raised in. Bad social workers may be hiding information from future foster parents about a child’s case because the child may have a bad record. In Forged by Fire Gerald was never properly taken care of by Monique, he was never fed or dressed appropriately when he was a young child. Nobody in the foster system has ever checked on Gerald while he was living with Aunt Queen. Aunt Queen is obviously a great mother but the foster system didn’t check up often on Aunt Queen to see if Gerald was healthy and safe. As stated by Lombardo, “Although foster care is only temporary, separation can be a bit difficult once the bond has been established. The fact that almost half of those who have gone to foster homes have been returned eventually to their birth parents, it can be a painful experience for them. This even becomes a damaging event for them as they need to sever the bond that they so dearly built” (Lombardo 1). Not all foster parents are terrible and when great foster parents do create a special bond with their foster children, the bond is hard to break especially if the kid goes to another foster family. The children have a harder time moving on from each home when the children created significant bonds. Gerald was very upset when Aunt Queen died and Gerald had to move back with Monique. Gerald took Aunt Queen’s death terribly because Gerald already made a bond with Aunt Queen. As reported in Toledblade, “Ohio has some 14,000 children in agency custody — a nearly 13 percent increase since the end of 2012” (Toledblade 1). Clearly the system hasn’t been working in Ohio and probably nowhere else if more and more children are staying in foster care and not getting a permanent home. Foster care is meant for children to find safe homes. The system has many flaws that need to be quickly fixed.Kalinowski 2In fact, not many foster kids get adopted which makes the children find a harder place to permanently live. As reported by Davis, “There’s a fear that if you become involved with the foster care system, “they’re going to twist your arm and you’ll come home with a carful of kids,”explained Rita Soronen, CEO and President of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption” (Davis 1). A few families or single people may only want to adopt one child, but if the child has a sibling or someone the kid is connected to, the person might feel obligated to adopt both children. Not many people are willing to adopt many children without knowing the child. As stated by Davis, “Only one-third of the children in foster care have any kind of diagnosable disability, according to a report from United Cerebral Palsy and Children’s Rights. Many other children are classified by the state as having “special needs,” but not for the reasons you might think. The term simply refers to a condition that makes the child harder to find a home, such as being older or part of a sibling group” (Davis 1). Not all adults are ready to handle a person with disabilities, depending on the sickness or disability. A young married couple may want to start a family but can’t have biological children. The couple may not want a child who is a teenager because the adults want to raise the child on their own. An example is autism, kids with autism need a parent who is patient and kind and some people don’t have those personality traits. Gerald doesn’t have a disorder, but after the fire he was hurt and needed to be taken care of by someone who cared about him. People who are considering to adopt a child need to know the responsibilities.Also, many times children are removed from homes the children have already been placed in. Craft describes “Probably one of the first reasons to enter our minds when we consider why a child enters foster care. Physical abuse usually means to the extreme, where bruising is left on a child and numerous attempts to help a family learn alternative means of disciple have failed” (Craft 1). Abusing kids can be a way a foster parent sees as disciplining a child when the kid did an action incorrectly. Some foster parents might think the easiest way to deal with the stress of being a foster parent is abusing the children and is seeing abusing as a way of discipling for an excuse. Gerald has been abused by Monique and Jordan and Angel has been abused by Jordan which makes the foster system at fault for not checking in with the family. Social workers should have met with Monique since she has been reckless with Gerald in the past. According to Craft, “Sometimes a birth parent’s choice to not seek medical attention stems from religious beliefs, but there are other times when a child’s medical needs are neglected due to pure thoughtlessness” (Craft 1). Everyone can have different beliefs, but if a foster parent disagrees with the kind of medicine because of those beliefs, the child will not be healthy and can have serious injuries. Foster parents can be simply ignoring the child and not noticing what the child needs at all. As stated by Craft, “Stable medical condition is necessary for prospective Adoptive Parents because it can determine whether or not adoption disruption is likely. If one or both of the parents have a history of a chronic illness or are currently experiencing a serious illness, a letter from their primary physician is needed stating that their physical stability, ability to parent, and expectation to live to a child’s majority (16 years old)” (Craft 1). When the parent is sick, the person will have a harder time adopting a child because he or she might not have enough resources to raise the child. Many requirements are needed to be foster parents and adults might think the time isn’t worth doing because they don’t really want children as much as they thought they would. Jordan and Monique were unfit parents who were unable to take care of both Angel and Gerald. The system and the foster parents have not always been helpful to the children who need the help. Kalinowski 3A few past foster parents must have known when their foster children has done something wrong that whatever the foster children did was the foster parent’s fault. Foster parents don’t often take care of foster children because of the responsibility. Monique and Jordan never took care of Angel and Gerald because Jordan didn’t care about the family and Monique never payed attention. The foster care system could have been more helpful towards more cases with any kind of abuse or with any irresponsible foster parents. The system has not improved at all since more and more kids are staying in the system each year without getting a suitable and nice home for each child. Even when a child finds a home the foster child can still be taken away if the foster parent dies or becomes abusive or irresponsible. Some foster parents just can’t financially support the foster child. Foster parents need to know how much effort and commitment raising children takes.   

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