People do not understand how valuable a concept or subject is until it is needed. Operation management is an area in business as well as in any other industry that is toss to the side and not seen as valuable part of the anyone livelihood as it should be. Operations Management is a vastly expensive part of an organization. Operations Management offers many opportunities to improve profitability and service to the community. So just how important is OM when one deal with an industry such as healthcare.

Hospital healthcare operations managers have several responsibilities. They roles contain coordinate, direct, and organize, other departments, physicians, and groups. They must coordinate with people such as doctors, nurse, patient, and insurance companies to guide them to focus on a common goal. Which helps improve efficiency and motivation by enabling and improving relations between departments, especially those that are used to operate independently of one another. As well, operations managers must mindful of procedure updates, but they must also be able to transfer them to employees and apply them in the hospital.

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Monitoring costs, increasing the level of service and improving the quality are few examples of OM in health care. Health care is a sundry industry. The industry provides services for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injury, illness, disease, and other physical and mental deficiencies. According to Investopedia article, “For a health care system to function efficiently, necessary aspects include generous financing, a well-trained and well-paid workforce, credible information on which policies can be structured, and health facilities that are well-maintained and reliably managed.”(Investopedia)  If any these factors fall below the qualifying standard at can hider how resourceful organization or facility can be. As things continue to change in the healthcare sector, so will the jobs of operation managers that are in the healthcare industryG1 G2 G3 .G4 

 Controlling costs is a top priority in health care for operation managers. Healthcare industry is known for overusing expensive, technological and emergency- based treatment. The G5 article stated above also states, “High costs from care that remains uncompensated due to patients being uninsured.” on top of “A prevalence of services in expensive settings creates a burden on taxpayers, health insurance holders and healthcare institutions themselves.” (Investopedia) Patients who have hard time paying for health service due to being uninsured contributes to the high cost, while the numerous existence service in the expensive environment also contributes to it as well. To resolve this problem, operation management will have to found a balance between high tech treatment and public centers that proposal precautionary services. Cost control can also change how the quality of services it provides to customers.  A useless budgets cuts can keep a tight rein on technology and equipment that can be acquired and used to provide necessary assistance.  G6 G7 

             The lean management strategies play a major role in improving health care. An article by the Utica college acknowledged that, “… one hospital was able to reduce time spent in the recovery room by 28 minutes just by making a pager number more accessible, so a network of calls was not needed to reach a single individual.” (What Do Hospital Health Care Managers Do?)  So just by change a simple thing like make pager number accessible can improve operation and give doctors and nurse more time for other tasks. Other benefits brought on by lean management in healthcare service are cheaper bills for the patient due to less time spent in the hospital, happier employees because of less thoughtless time-consuming issues to work around, and due to the shorter wait times patients have greater access to care. Also, the lean management helps eliminate waste of resources, time, and money, which it can help the hospital G8 become profitable.G9 

            Delivery operation management is also vital to the healthcare industry. It represents a massive amount of overhead. The number of costs that must be considered is the cost of drivers and dispatch, cost of fuel, cost of the inventory stored in the trucks, etc. Operations managers have found ways to improve the delivery operations. One is the G10 G11 G12 G13 route planning. David Kopf stated, “An essential element in overhauling delivery management is leveraging route planning systems.” (par 7) A route planning system can shorten the time it will take to do it manually distribute a route to each of its drivers. Also, make sure the drivers have enough in their schedule to respond to urgent calls that consistently arise during the day. G14 G15 G16 G17 G18 G19 G20 G21 

 In conclusion, operations management plays a  the  role in the healthcare industry. It is accountable for the overseeing of health care service operations, how efficiently they function, and how capable they are of providing satisfactory and reliable treatment to the population they serve. The work that goes into operation management is essential to how successful a business can be.G22 G23 G24 G25 

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