Personal selling is a company use people as a sales force to
sell the product after make appointment with customer through face-to-face with
customer. Sales force or sales person is responsible to promote the product
with the entire specialist that they have such as attitudes, knowledge, and
appearance. Their objective is when they have to inform and encourage customer
to buy and persuade them that the product are good and have difference compare
to others and also give trial to the customer. The firms are responsible to
make sales person have the ability in deliver the message to customer and play
the role in sales representative performance.

Together with the competition increase and the technology advances,
organization must provide a same ways in order to adjust the changing with the
business environments. Personal selling context is where sales person are
recognized as the boundary of the company and are expected to be relationship
manager (Kotler 1984). Sales people are not the person just selling the product
anymore but now they provide a good solution for customer in every problem.
Anderson and Dubinsky (2004) discussed the concept of consultative selling,
where a salesperson act as expert and provides solution to the customer. This
role requires salesperson to have technological orientation to access, analyze
and communication information to male strong relationship with customer, Hunter
and Perreault (2007).

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The sales department is the income for each company because
from that it can increase the production and revenue generation. Also, the
sales department have fundamental in making sales (ibid.). Supply in modern
market will exceed the demands and adopt a marketing orientation in which
companies “make what we can sell, not sell what we can make” (Donaldsson,
1998). In the early 1990, sales organization will implement selling method that
is not only traditional field sales force. Now, there are approaches such as
independent sales representatives, electronic data interchange and this method
have grater interrelationship among sales person and every member in
organization. New concepts relationship is when two sales people have altered
the role of the sales person, Marshall et al. (1999). Team selling is used more
often with different functions of the selling company relating directly to the
team of buyers (Donaldsson, 1998; Sheth & Sharma, 2008).

The definition of
selling is personal or impersonal process of assisting and persuading a
prospective customer to buy a commodity or product. Selling can be viewed as
communication tools and as a process to attract customer in buying or get
knowledge from personal selling. Selling is a part of marketing mix and one
types of promotional tools. Personal selling is necessary for every company
because it must place in good position in order for customer to know and doing
business. The other perspective—viewing selling as a process—focuses on the
purpose of selling (i.e., doing business). Yet these two dimensions appear to
be quite different. 

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