Persuasive Speech Outline                             Length:  4—6 minutes


Title: Consumption of Hotdogs, by April Hsing

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Exact purpose:  After hearing my presentation, the audience will learn the health hazards associated with hot dogs and why they should drastically reduce their consumption of hotdogs, whether it is vegetarian, chicken, or beef.


I.               INTRODUCTION


1.     Attention Grabber: Imagine yourself thirty years from now and you are lying on the hospital bed watching your body deteriorate every day as you are battling through cancer.

2.     Audience Motivation:  People will learn the health hazards associated with hotdogs and may reduce the amount of hotdogs they consume, whether it is vegetarian, chicken, or beef. People who do not like hot dogs can persuade others to drastically reduce their consumption of hot dogs.

3.     Preview: Today, I will persuade you all to drastically reduce the amount of hot dogs you consume in your life.

                                               i.     Health hazards associated with consumption of hotdogs

                                             ii.     Possible solutions to take to reduce hotdog consumption

                                            iii.     Benefits of lowering hotdog consumption


II.             BODY


Reason 1


1.     Eating hotdogs can increase chances of getting certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and have a higher mortality rate

a.     According to CBS News article “Hot Dogs Pose Big Health Risk”, hot dogs can “increase the risk of heart disease by 42 percent and diabetes by 19 percent” (Cbsnews.com, 2010).

b.     According to Times Magazine “What Hot Dogs Do to Your Body”, “a particular concern among health experts and doctors are sodium nitrates”, which are preservatives added to hot dogs that give the meat longer shelf life and its red colour When digested, nitrates turn into nitrites, which have been linked to cancer (Gajanan, 2017)

2.      While it is true that you can buy beef, pork, or chicken hotdogs without sodium nitrites, they include cultured celery extract, which is a natural source of nitrites used to preserve these products

a.     Nitrites are still nitrites, naturally sourced or not

b.     According to a Globe and Mail article “Why Hot Dogs are not exactly man’s best friend”, these so-called “natural” hot dogs can have even more nitrites than traditional ones (Beck, 2017).

c.     While you can still opt for vegetarian hot dogs made from soy protein and have no sodium nitrite, they are still high in sodium, which can increase your blood pressure and add additional strain on your heart and kidneys.


Reason 2: 


1.     Gradually reduce the amount of processed meat you consume

a.     According to Time Magazine article “Eating a Little Bit Healthier Helps You Live Longer”, swapping out one serving of processed meat a day with healthier nuts or legumes can reduce the risk of premature death by up to 17% (Park, 2017).

b.     Tons of healthier alternatives to hot dogs, such as eating fresh chicken fresh fish, or even pasta.


Reason 3: 


1.     Drastically decreasing the amount of processed meat you consume now will greatly increase the chances you will not have to deal with major medical problems in the future.

a.     According to Business Insider article “Does Bacon Cause Cancer”, every 50 gram serving of processed meat you consume daily—for example, just ONE hot dog—raises your risk for colorectal cancer by 18 percent (Brodwin, 2016).

b.     Decreasing processed meat can help you have a better mood, more energy, fewer colds, get better sleep, and even live longer!

                                                                 i.     According to a Live Strong article ” Life Expectancy”, research shows that reducing meat consumption can increase your life span by 3.6 years (Dray, 2017).




1.     Summary: In conclusion, I first talked about the dangers of consuming hot dogs, then I outlined some possible solutions to take, and finally, I talked about how lowering your consumption of hot dogs can benefit you in the long run.

2.     Memorable Ending/Audience Challenge:  Next time when you are craving for a hot dog, for 2 days in a row think to yourself, what would I look like 10 years from now if I keep eating hot dogs? If you don’t like what you see, maybe it’s time to grab a salad instead at the cafeteria. Thank you!

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