Relationships between the characters from a central theme in ‘A view from the bridge’. How does Arthur Miller demonstrate this in the play? Arthur Miller was born on October 17th 1915 in Manhattan, New York City. His parents were both immigrants to the United States. The family lived in prosperity due to the success of his father’s clothing manufacturing business and so there was plenty of money around in his early years. However, in 1929 his father’s business collapsed as a severe economic depression hit the United States. This meant people lost a lot of money.

The Millers moved to Brooklyn where Arthur Miller continued his education. When Arthur Miller left school, he started working hard and did several jobs to earn money to continue his education. After graduation he joined the theatre and when this collapsed, he once more took up a number of jobs. Miller wrote many radio scripts but was more interested in the live theatre and in 1949 his first Broadway play was performed. Arthur Miller became more successful with his plays. In 1956 Miller divorced his first wife and married the star Marilyn Monroe, although this marriage was also to end in divorce in 1961.

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He wrote many plays and was very determined to become successful. In 1987 he introduced his own autobiography. Between 1820 and 1920 more than 4 million Italians migrated to the USA. They moved because of the poor conditions they experienced in Italy. Their main reason for migrating was that America offered opportunities, through work for them to gain prosperity which they wouldn’t achieve in their native land. Italians were given low paid work and lived in very poor and cheap conditions. They laboured on buildings, railways, some worked on docks and mines and they weren’t paid much.

They were often cheated or not paid. They didn’t have many rights and weren’t treated fairly. The Americans thought that the Italians were violent and dangerous people. ‘Pick and Shovel’ was practically the only work available for the Italians. Most men worked day and night to earn money to send back home to their family who suffered in poor conditions. The Italians, like other migrants groups, lived in the cheapest and worst housing in the cities. In 1921 and 1924 the American government decided to pass laws which restricted immigrants.

Every year only 3,845 Italians were legally allowed to enter America. However, the conditions in Italy hadn’t improved. During the Second World War America started making weapons and supplied them to Europe to make money. During this period many Italians illegally migrated to America to earn money. The Italians’ first experience was at Ellis Island in New York where they had their medicals and paperwork checked. They were also questioned here. If the authority wasn’t satisfied with some of the people, they were detained on Ellis land until a relative sent money for them to complete their journey.

Criminals, prostitutes or the mentally defective were put on ships going back to their country. Firstly, I am going to examine the relationship between Beatrice and Eddie. At the start of the play Eddie was well known. He had a good reputation in the neighbourhood and was also respected by everyone including Beatrice too. Beatice respected Eddie and blesses him. She told him ‘You’re an angel! God’ll bless you ‘This quote shows her feelings and respect towards Eddie. Eddie is presented as a very humorous, happy and caring person. He’s praised by everyone around him and is quite satisfied with what he has.

Eddie shows his feelings towards Beatrice and gets along quite well with her. This is shown in the play when Eddie and Beatrice are talking and preparing for the arrival of Beatrice cousins. Beatrice is quite excited and looking forward to seeing her cousins. She is grateful to Eddie and wishes him well. They work together to make the preparations to welcome the guests. Arthur Miller created a rift over Catherine’s first job offer. Eddie isn’t sure about Catherine going to work and wants her to still continue with her education.

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