Pittacus Lore’s sixth novel in his award-winning series I am Number Four, The Fate of Ten, engulfs the readers with a diverse, heartfelt, and poignant plot. Just like the movie version this book attracted millions upon millions of readers. This dystopian takes place in Manhattan where the protagonist of the novel, John Smith is faced to fight against an wicked alien group called mogadorians. John is also an alien originating from the planet called Lorien. He and nine other “superheroes” have come to Earth to make sure Earth does not suffer the same fate as their home planet Lorien. Each superhero is given a name from one to ten and is given divergent powers. John has special powers such as night-vision, super-speed, super-strength, fire manipulation, and the ability to use any ability he sees. Even with these powers, John knows that: “This is war, and people are going to die.” However, throughout the novel, John has hope and believes in himself and in the other nine. Just like most families, these characters don’t exactly mesh well: “Five swoops down, flames extinguished. Instead of going in for another strike, Five catches Nine by the wrist in midair. He lowers him gently to the ground. In response, Nine punches him right in the face. Because of course he does.” I have to confess that I don’t really enjoy reading dystopian novels, however I have to admit that this book was not a regret. Even though the reading level for this book is young adult, anyone would enjoy reading this book. Especially because other characters in this book were just so realistic. Number Four (John) especially.I just love how the author Pittacus Lore illustrated John in the book. John is created as a strong independent young man that has no fear whatsoever. I also love the way Pittacus Lore created a human character, Sarah, fall in love with the strong John Smith. Even thought this book seemed predictable at first, it really wasn’t, this book was filled with twist and turns that i couldn’t have imagined.   

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