Plagiarism is when a person copies work of another person and uses it as their own work. Plagiarism is a major problem in our education system today and students do not seem to understand the severity of it. The ability to easily copy and paste information that is found on the internet and just changing a couple of words, doesn’t make it a justified action. Many people often forget to reference where they received a quote or where they paraphrased it from, which can also be considered plagiarism. Besides that, plagiarism has cost people their education, as well as their reputations being destroyed simply because they wanted to take the easy way out. Students often get confused in what is actually plagiarism and what isn’t. Often when doing research on any topic, one may come across articles that provide different types of information. It is possible that you have collected thoughts while reading these articles and decided to include them into your work and don’t worry, that isn’t plagiarism. Another aspect of what plagiarism isn’t, is that sometimes people feel the need to cite everything when they don’t really have to.  If a student uses a photo with proper citation in their schoolwork, that also isn’t plagiarism. People do not want to see an essay full of quotation marks. One has to be able to do research, analyze, and write about their findings. Although there are many forms of plagiarism, there are a lot of ways to prevent it. You should paraphrase when you find information that you think is suitable for your use. When writing and include any information that was found in any website, you should be able to cite it with whichever form the professor requires, such as MLA or APA. Along with this, make sure that you include a reference page to list the sources in which you used. Double-check your work to make sure that you correctly cited everything that you got from an external source and do not forget to add quotation marks where it’s needed.

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