In this centrury it seems that Poland has come in a full circle. It started out as an average European country and eneded up as the same: a country with a healthy acconomy, stable social structure, and viable government. The most interesting part of history is not the parts that are described like that. It is the same with Poland: the most interesting historical events have thrown the country into turmoil, even into war. They have, as a country, had to recognize such problems as racism and unfair prejudice based upon faith and ethnicity. They have also had to overcome being conquered, several changes in government, and political upheaval. In the process, the people have had to change their ideological practices, if not change their beliefs. Sometimes they embraced ideas and systems thankfully and gladly. Other times they had to be forced. Such times as those could be tragic or celebratory and, on ocassion, they were both.
Historically, Poland has been an area of conflict because of its flat terrain and the lack it has of natural borders on the northern European border.Indeed, the history of Poland is one of the most engrassing national histories this century. The people reflect this in their collective identity. They have recovered from genocide and war to become a very cohesive group of people, both politaically and ethnically. We should applaud them for their terrific efforts to recover and remain a strong nation. My report is about Poland, the country today. I will write about their economic successes and weaknesses and their strengths in many other areas as well. Personally, I am very proud of their effort and I think of this report as a tribute to the Polish people perseverence.
Poland is a nation of many faces, with mostly Polish people, there are also a very few German, Ukranian, and Byelorussian in residence. 95 percent of the people (and about ? of those people are practicing) are Roman Catholic. Small minorities of Ea…

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