In an age when the threat of terrorism has become an all to real reality for western nations, criticism has risen following the implementation of reforms to the Canadian immigration Act.Sept 11th focused Canadians attention on the flaws in the National immigration policy, and swift reform was required in order to combat the inherent problem with the countries policies. The government passed several resolutions, most of which analysts say have not done enough to successfully protect Canadian citizens, along with those of neighbouring countries, from the threat of terrorism. This paper will layout the new changes in contrast to the prior September 11th policies, and will also display the specific problems of the new policies. The focus will then turn to way in which the new legislation can be improved in order to focus on the important matters concerning immigration.
Argument 1- The prior September 11th policies and the perceived flaws therein.
Point 1- Canada's prior September 11th refugee policies as being much to lenient towards what determines refugee statues and the prosecution of people who break refugee probation regulations.
Evidence- 1.Tom Fennel- "Canada's open door: A new load of boatpeople sparks call for tougher stance on refugees" 2001
Arg. -Leon Benoit saysCanada is seen as soft touch, anyone can claim refugee status.
-Explanation on how Canada can closer relate its policy to that of the United States or Australia.
2.The National- "The Trail of a Terrorist" 2001
Arg. -The case of Ahmed Ressam as an example of Canada's faltering refugee policy
Point 2- Canada's immigrant grading system and the means of legally claiming immigrant status in Canada is slow and complicating, causing more immigrants to search for alternate means of coming to Canada.

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