Position paper for The World Food ProgramThe topics to be further discussed in the world food program is ”establishing a framework toincrease the supply of food through technology” and ”Food and water security”. The World FoodProgram is the world’s largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting foodsecurity. WFP has been working in Rwanda since 1972.I. FOOD AND WATER SECURITYAt the center of nourishment security, is access to solid sustenance and ideal nourishment.Nourishment is firmly connected to sustenance supply, so sustenance security is reliant on a solidand manageable sustenance and water framework. While total populace has quickly expandedfrom 7 billion and ascending to more than 9 billion by 2050, the utilization of new water forhuman utilization, horticulture, industry and different uses have expanded six folds over the last100 years. In many nations and without any changes in land and water efficiency, water and foodinterest for horticulture is required to expand more than the flow level of 70%.The Rwanda coordinated water security program (RIWSP) tries to enhance the practicaladministration of water amount and quality to emphatically affect human wellbeing, nourishmentand water security and strength to environmental change for helpless populaces in focusedcatchments in Rwanda. There are various open and Non-Governmental Organizations workingmutually to address nourishment security and sustenance challenges. With a specific end goal toviably address lack of healthy sustenance, the various and scattered endeavors ought to becomposed and orchestrated. Likewise, the cutoff of all accomplices to review and moreovermake sexual introduction fragile sustenance security and food methodologies and strategiesshould be extended. One case of potential limit building and coordination is the correction of theNational Multi-Sectoral Strategy to Eliminate Malnutrition in Rwanda, and additionally therelated Districts designs. Probably the most imperative activities that FAO expects to help amidthe following five-year time frame are: Giving particular help to the national establishments ininvestigating or possibly making sexual introduction delicate plans and frameworks onsustenance security and support; Supporting locale in coordinating end of lack of healthysustenance and the idea of flexibility to pressure factors inside their DDPs.For resolution Rwanda strives to make food and water globally accessible and as such wepurpose to build a market for water in ways that are regulated and transparent, establishing whohas property appropriate for water assets and setting up legitimate system in ways that enable usto put a cost on water without denying people of their fundamental needs. Bolster theimprovement of sunlight based and wind vitality, which devours next to zero water and createsunimportant carbon emanations. Training about vitality, water, and sustenance nexus (sparingwater spares vitality and the other way around) is required, and individuals need to realize thattheir individual decision does assume an essential part in unraveling this issue-choices in whichsupports the buy and that is just a glimpse of a larger problem.Delegation From Rwanda Represented by Alma’arifa intschoolII. establishing framework to increase the supply of food through technologyThe rising worldwide populace implies not simply more mouths to sustain, but rather moreadvanced tastes to fulfill as creating nations become wealthier and as interest for nourishmentincrements around the globe, supply limit is attempting to stay aware of these evolvingprerequisites. Loss of land for production and environmental effects of food production play amajor role in effecting the food supply around the world. The world is losing arable lands at anastonishing rate; 33 million hectares a year to either development or desertification which effectsthe food supply chain. Climate change worsens and global oil supply contracts, keeping foodsupply input costs high. A dramatic shift in food production and manufacturing, in general,becomes unavoidable. Exacerbated by crop and/or animal disease, serious food shortagesdevelop. The struggle, even in the developed world is to keep people fed with pricesskyrocketing, the crisis response creates an untested set of supply arrangement.Rwanda has approved various universal bargains and conventions. the government’s strongdedication to sustainable development has resulted in significant progress towards creating anenabling environment in terms of aid coordination. Inserting a solid participatory andcomprehensive, single charge demonstrate in medium-and long-haul national advancementarranging structures have been instrumental in influencing encouraged supplier support ofnational change. NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development) stresses that countrychange should be driven by progress. It recommends procedure and approach changes inpropelling modernization and extension of cultivating age and tolls. In 2006, the GOR actualizedthe Rwanda Aid Policy. This approach depends on and adjusted to other worldwide guideunderstandings including the Paris Declaration, Accra Agenda for Action and all the more as oflate Busan Declaration. Its motivation is to augment the effect of financial advancement anddestitution diminishment endeavors and in the meantime enhancing the structure to supplysustenance.Rwanda is striving to provide educate levels of food supply and food accessibility duringinstances of food shortages to ensure food security and at the same time, enhance thecompetitiveness of its food, agriculture and forestry sectors through developing appropriatetechnologies to increase the productivity. Enhance Rwanda’s food security statistical database.And information by establishing a food security information system which would allow thegovernment to effectively forecast, plan and manage food supplies. Conduct collaborativeresearch to develop new and improved technologies in food, agriculture and forestry productionand supply.

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