Credit and Debit cards duplication
has become an easy task with the current digital technology. There is a need to
improve the present one-step PIN based authentication. Credit and Debit cards
PIN can be extracted from the owner by various Social Engineering techniques.
Every Bank and Individual has a need to improve the security of their cards for
the safety of their funds. A safe and reliable mode of cards swiping
transaction has become a necessity in every part of the world.

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         The main purpose of
this research is to provide a trustable path for card swiping transactions by
using the latest Biometric Authentication Techniques to the already in use PIN
authentication. The present Card swiping machines should be replaced with
machines with an added Biometric Scanner. Every card is registered with the
owner’s fingerprint only. The transaction happens successfully only after the
card user enters the card PIN correctly and after the card accepts the
registered fingerprint of the user.

            The following are some of the Research Questions:

·       Are the cards capable enough to store
the fingerprint data of the owner?

·       Is it better if the Bank takes over
the registration process of the card or if the owner does it manually?

·       Which authentication should come
first, PIN authentication or Biometric Authentication?

·       How much time does it take for the
whole transaction to complete successfully and what are the better ways to
reduce the time taken?

·       Are there any attacks possible after implementing
this Two-step authentication process?


       There is a huge demand for better security techniques in the Banking
Sector. Proper implementation of this authentication with the best optimum strategies
can result in the most secure swiping transactions till date. Credit and Debit
Card frauds will be reduced at an alarming rate. Even if the attacker steals
the complete identity of the owner, bypassing the Biometric authentication is
nearly impossible. Individuals will be more inclined to go cashless with a
trusted mode of card swiping payments.



·       A Biometric Scanner is integrated into
the Card swiping machine.

·       Registration of the owner’s identity
details to the Bank’s database and linking them to the card.

·       After swiping the card, the
fingerprint impression of the user is cross-verified with the impressions
present in the Bank’s database.

·       When the details are matched
perfectly, only then the transaction will be processed successfully.







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