This past election, the voter turn out wasn’t at all that impressive or what the government expected it to be. The lack of voters is due to a number of causes; Many people are of the opinion that it is our civic duty to vote, and claim that it exercises our democratic rights. Some feel that not voting also voices one’s opinion and can send a message to the government. Some feel that it is also our democratic right to exercise not to vote. Some of the main causes that effect the problem with voting in Canada is that most of the voters do not know or understand the issues that are at hand, and do not feel comfortable supporting a party that could in turn lead them to victory. Others feel that their vote will not make a difference especially when a particular party holds such a majority of the popular vote. One hears comments that state ‘Well my one vote cannot influence the out come, therefore, why waste my time and vote’. In my opinion these people are just lazy. these people don’t want to exercise their obligation to vote for our country’s leader. Yet, these are probably the same people that will complain when their garbage isn’t picked up on time or the pot holes aren’t repaired complain that their taxes are too high, and that the politicians are “no good lying S.O.B.’s”.
What is also very interesting is that if one were to conduct a survey to determine which politicians were running in their area, we would be surprised to find out that the majority would not be able to identify or name who the candidates are and what party they represent and issues they stand for. Therefore how can they feel comfortable about voting. Some of those who do know who their candidates are, in their respected area are sceptical about voting, because they feel that they cannot trust the politicians. To many,politicians are all categorized as the same regardless of the party that they represent and that it doesn’t matte

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