°The best gift I gave to my children was sending them to Canada to study,?± said a proprietor of a store I heard on the radio one year ago when I was in China. ?°Why? Because I deeply believe that Canadian education is better than China??s. I don??t say Chinese education isn??t good, but it is a fact that Chinese education system has a long way to go to be as good as Canada??s.?±
Canada, with the United States, has a lot of strengths in the educational area. Studying at schools, students are allowed to be creative. Instructors guide students to quote challenging assumptions by using flexible ways for different kinds of students. Also instructors would like to give students enough places to do whatever they want. Then students may brain-storm and discuss about questions as well as alternative possibilities regarding the subjects they learn in class. Perhaps the educational system in the United States has contributed much to its political, economical and industrial success.And Canada is not far behind.
Canadian schools, especially universities and colleges are free forms like an open market. They are not like the Asian schools that have the strict limits and regulations. In Asia, students only depend on their entrance examination marks to choose schools or majors. In Canadian schools, students?? marks are conducted with behavior, quizzes, assignment, midterms, and finals. Also students in Canada have a more flexible curriculum to choose from.
Based on the free forms of Canadian education, there is not as much pressure on students as in the Asian education system. Students in Canada allocate and organize their extracurricular time freely. That is a good chance for students to grow their self-confidence and independence. But in Asia, most things students do are strictly planned. Students follow the traditional rules to think and discuss questions without extended imagination…

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