This part of assignment involves Qualitative Study Critique of the article, “They all said you could come and speak to us’: patients’ expectations and experiences of help on an acute psychiatric inpatient ward”, by Stenhouse (2011). The assignment requires one to examine the credibility of the entire article for instance, whether the article has a credible title, the abstract has a summary of the entire article. In addition, it requires one to examine the aim and objects of the article. It requires an individual to criticize whether the article’s literature review is well organized and leads to the research question or whether the entire methodology in the article is consisted with the research questions. Lastly, an individual is required to present an argument of whether the entire findings are summarized and presented in an accessible form and whether the conclusion of the article relates to the research article.

Purpose (importance and significance to psychiatric nursing)

Qualitative study critique practice is important because it provides accurate information which addresses all research questions conclusively. This research article cites the relevance of participation of participants with the nurses in acute care context. This article discuses in-depth the importance of nurse’s participation in relation to acute care as a way of improving psychiatric nursing profession. Notably, research articles should use suitable research method to carry to address research all involved research questions. As a matter of fact, the participation concepts initiated by nurses are relevant to mental health care which is evidently relevant to nurse theorists. This research article has good literature review comprising of qualitative method of collecting data.

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The information contained in this article is credible as the author has good credentials. The article integrates the best research evidence involving several respondents.

Research Problem

This research paper seeks to investigate more on the patient experience in relation to nurse’s participation. For instance the author establishes his research question to be “What is it like to be a patient on an acute psychiatric inpatient ward?”(Stenhouse, 2011). More specifically, the research question can be affirmed in the abstract which is clearly developed to acquit the readers what is going to be covered in the entire research article.

This research article has an excellent and precise summary explaining in details how nurses participation in improving the experience of patients in an acute word. The article can be referred to as an informative because it has headings and titles which guides the users on whatever is discussed. The abstract is properly developed to tackle all main areas of concern. This research article has in-depth analysis which allows readers to get the key concepts discussed in the whole paper. The available literature outlined in the abstract presents a succinctly to communicate complexity of the research.

Research Questions/Hypotheses

Ultimately, there were no specific research questions that were put across but the author restricted the study around the hypothesis. The whole research questioners were addressed with help of qualitative method which was appropriate to tackle the question of discussion. The main concern of this article is to investigate the relationship between participation of nurses and patients having some mental problems (Stenhouse, 2011).

Literature review

The author of this article begins with a literature review which gives a good incentive of what the study will cover inconclusively. An article critique requires one to evaluate the credibility of the article. This entails that it is essential to examine whether the entire literature review of the article leads to the research question. The author of this article clearly points out the major points of discussion which will be addressed in this paper. In this case, the literature seems to be credible as there are a good number of references used.

Generally, literature review requires one to examine various works written by other people. This means that it is essential to cite the entire content as it is from another person. In this article, it is clearly seen that there are a good range of articles review in the introduction. In addition, there is sufficient number of articles used in the references list. The literature review of the article is well organized and formulates questions that are being researched. From this discussion, it is clear to conclude that the entire literature review is well organized and is related directly to the research question.


This research article uses qualitative research design methodology to address all the research questions. The approach is compatible and consistent will all research question which are supposed to be addressed by the entire project. The research is properly developed to investigate the importance of nurse’s contribution in relation to patients’ experience. The results of this sporting event had huge impact on this research article because it had vast and useful information necessary to address the research questions. As argued by the author, qualitative research is the best method to the whole concept surrounding nurse’s precipitation (Stenhouse, 2011).

The research methodology incorporated use of unstructured interviews which gave the participants a good chance to give out their personal option in relation to the subject of discussion. In addition, the research involved the participant by giving them a chance to structure their narrations in the context of the research hypothesis. The questions asked were probing which reflected the ideas and feedback from the participants as a way of increasing data accuracy.

Evidently the research used approximate 13 participants aged between 18-65 years old (Stenhouse, 2011). The participants were both males and females in order to ensure there is a gender balance between the participants. On matters of relevance and accuracy, participants of this research were individuals diagnosed with various mental health problems across different hospitals in the area. The selected participants were recruited from different acute wards in an urban–rural area setting between the month of May and August 2006 (Stenhouse, 2011).

The methodology used was in line with the established literature review because every research question was address in depth. As a matter of fact the key themes from the article acted as guiding procedure on how the entire questioners were supposed to be tackled. The research article involves many participants who comprised a number of agencies and organisations. This is an indication that data collection, tools and techniques were consistent with both literature review and research questioners. Semiotic Analysis was done to analyse the collect data and this was important to not only ensure but also endure the accuracy (Stenhouse, 2011).


Sampling in the qualitative research is important and based on the process it should be clearly described in order to explain fully whether the participant to the research questions in a cute care were relevant and whether the selection was well enacted. The sample can as well base its arguments on the both the patients who got to the health care were attended to, for instance, the interview from the 13 people who gave their view that they will get treated through talking to the nurses however, they perceived that the nurses were too busy in many a times. The purposeful sampling in this case selects the various participants for different specific reasons based on factors like age, experience, culture among many more however, not randomly (Stenhouse, 2011).

There are several sampling methods that are used in qualitative research critique. Thus, the sampling strategies used in the article should relate to the purpose of research and they should give a full explanation based on that particular research. For instance, based on the writer in this article ‘They all said you could come and speak to us’: patients’ expectations and experiences of help on an acute psychiatric inpatient ward’ the purpose of this research of the study is to focus on the patient experience with the nurses in the acute care and facilitate the development of the nurses practice (Stenhouse, 2011). On the same note, if the purpose is to explore fully the on details about the acute healthcare, like looking on the factors and interactions based on the relations between the nurses and the patients that come to acute health acre and also the assumptions of the patients based on how they are treated.

Based on the research setting, the researcher should be able to show or indicate the decision or goals that were achieved based on the research and whether they were effective or not. Based on the data that was collected from sampling, the article should prevail and give an explanation based on the nurses and patients since those are the two categories involved in the sampling. This will help to go into the depth of the information and achieve the purpose of the research. Thus, the sampling process should be flexible, evolving as the study progresses, until the point of redundancy in emerging themes is reached.

Data Collection

Data collection method used was in line with the details articulated in the qualitative study. The participants of this research were interviewed in the second and sixth week prior being discharged out of the acute wards. In order to establish tangible data, the interviews lasted for about 45 min to 2 h. Information and data got from the first interview were recorded down and was used as a guidance when conduction the second interview.

Data collected was recorded immediately after every participant was interviewed in order to ensure maximum levels of accuracy. Themes, field notes and other supporting document was exclusively examined to ensure reliability and validity of the information collected. On matters concerning ethics, the author sought for permission from NHS ethical review system prior interviewing the participants. Notably, the participants were selected voluntarily and they were issued with both written and non verbal information outlining in details what was going to be covered by the research (Stenhouse, 2011).

Data Analysis


Credibility in general refers to the adequate representation of the constructions of the social world under the study (Bradley, 1993). Therefore, some set of activities such as prolonged engagement in fields, persistent observation, negative case analysis, triangulation, and making assumptions on the interpretation against the raw data among many more can help to enhance credibility of the research results in acute care.

Based on the qualitative research the assumption of the data analysis will help to determine if the analysis was inductive and if the findings that were attained adequately corroborated. In this case, the research should give an explanation based on the findings from acute care that has emerged based on the data. Based on the author in this article, he depicts on the flexibility of the data collection process from the patients and the nurses and this responds to the changes addressed from the same perspective on the data. Different methods are involved to analyse qualitative data and therefore one can be able to identify and describe methods used by the author in the study of interest (Stenhouse, 2011).


Auditability is basically concerned with the examination of records or financial statements to check or confirm on its accuracy. This is very important in an organization since it helps to enhance effectiveness. For instance, the author of the article highlights some important analysis that enhances auditing in the research analysis to demonstrate the essence of effectiveness in the organization based on the research (Stenhouse, 2011). c. Transferability

Transferability implies to the degree to which the researcher’s working hypothesis can be pragmatic to another setting. Thus, it is not necessarily that the researcher’s task to give an index of transferability but he or she is accountable for delivering data sets and explanations that are rich enough so that other researchers are capable to make decisions based on the findings’ transferability to diverse settings or contexts. Based on the author, the sources used to research about issues concerned with the acute care are basically involved with the nurses and the patients (Stenhouse, 2011). Thus, the researcher only focuses on them in precise.


After a conclusive analysis of the collected data was made, the findings indicated that participation of nurses was so essential because it created a good expectation among the patients. The results and findings of this research article are summarized down in a table. This part addresses the results from the respondents in relation to the research questions. The article presents a viable discussion in depth which helps to answer the research question (Stenhouse, 2011).

The limiting factor noted in this research was the fact that nurses seemed busy such that they did not spend quality time with the patients. In other cases there was a general complain that the nurses spent more time in some individual by ether listening to them, sharing information or engaging in other leisure activities. Evidently, the findings are summarized and presented in an accessible format which can be easily understood by all users (Stenhouse, 2011).

Conclusions, Implications and Recommendations

In conclusion, the main essence of the research is to show how the acute care operates and from the article, it basically highlights on the view of patients relation with the nurses (Stenhouse, 2011). On the same context, it focuses on whether the article has a credible title; the abstract has a summary of the entire article. In addition, it requires one to examine the aim and objects of the article. It requires an individual to criticize whether the article’s literature review is well organized and leads to the research question or whether the entire methodology in the article is consisted with the research questions. Thus, based on the article, it gives the reader an understanding on what the article entails and what happens within the acute care in relation to the patients and nurses based on the concept of interviews that have been conducted and the assumptions from the research.


  • Stenhouse, R. C. (2011). ‘They all said you could come and speak to us’: patients’ expectations and experiences of help on an acute psychiatric inpatient ward. Journal Of Psychiatric ; Mental Health Nursing, 18(1), 74-80.

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