Rabindranath Tagore was a poet, a philosopher, a novelist,
an educationist, singer and story writer. He is known for his role as a poet,
which he started at the age of 14 and through this; his elusive artistic sense,
his acumen, his broad experience of life and in-depth understanding of the
world and the people within it, was reflected through his stories. The unparalleled
opulence of his language and writing manner soon showcased him as the greatest
poet and writer, in Bangladesh, and also the whole of India. By putting
together his imbibing ability to learn easily from others, with studying the
theories of other educationists, it helped him to develop his own views on the
matter of education. His notable pieces are “Geetanjali”, and the National
Anthem of Bangladesh: “Amar Shonar Bangla” and the National Anthem of India:
“Jana Gana Mana”.

The basic principle of Tagore’s Educational Philosophy is
Moral and Spiritual Development. He strongly believes education should strive
for a number of moral qualities such as tolerance, self-discipline and inner
freedom. To achieve this, the teaching methodology used should be one whereby
the teacher/educator should ‘teach by walking’; Tagore believes that when a
child is confined in a room their minds will not be as active in comparison to
when they are walking around and experiencing ideas first-hand. The qualities
and work ethic of a teacher, he believed, was to focus less on book learning
and engage more in conductive environments to undertake knowledge in
constructive activities.
According to Tagore, “God reveals himself through nature more effectively than
through man made institutions.  Hence,
the education of the child should be under natural surroundings so that he
develops love for all things around him.”
According to Tagore, “That education is highest which not only imparts
information and knowledge to us, but also promotes love and follow feeling
between us and the living beings of the world.”

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