Why does race and class in Latin America matter so much? It really doesn't, except for the fact that race and class is essentially the same everywhere. Your race once only defined who your ancestors were, but it's come to determine where you stand socially and economically in the world.
White people as a racial group are the most prominent and usually of the highest class in any region.Latin America is a unique case because among these whites live many mixtures of races.All these races no matter what they're made up of are automatically inferior to whites because of their socioeconomic status.It's the same in every region. A determination of your race and class is really to see how close to white you are and where that places you in terms of influence.
Latin America is a uniquely constructed region. Places like Mexico and Guatemala boast large Indian populations. These Indigenous populations have turned from a unique type of culture to the poverty of their countries.Indians in these countries struggle with the conflict of keeping their heritage or trading it to become mestizo.Mestizo being one step up from being Indian. Being mestizo affords opportunities that Indians may not have in terms of education and job placement. And with all the inter-mixing of races who can tell the difference between a Mexican or Guatemalan and an "Indian"? No one can really because the truth of the matter is that indigenous peoples lived inthese regionsfirst therefore everyone is of Indian decent.
Brazil is a most unique country because in terms of population number whites are the minority. But they still are the superior class. However I guess this is seen as just a coincidence. In Brazil it's truly thought that race does not matter, but seeing how much of a contribution other races have in government and business, obviously it does.However one of a minority cou

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