Racism has been one of the biggest issues in the world throughout history and will continue on for a long time. It is also a big issue in the United States starting with the discrimination against African Americans leading up to the Civil War, and ending with racist comments from our President, Donald Trump, against all Hispanics and attempting to build a wall to block the borders between Mexico and the United States. He was also trying to kick all illegal Hispanic residents outside the country. He did not only stop there and continuously pushing laws to ban people from some Muslim based countries to come to the United States. A law that would ban Muslims is a racist law. According to the article,”US Supreme Court allows Trump’s travel ban to take effect”, from December 7, 2017, “The US Supreme Court has allowed the administration of President Donald Trump to fully enforce the third version of a controversial travel ban that prohibits people from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States”. This is a very racist act from our president and supreme court judges agreeing to it makes them even more racist than the president himself. Seven out of nine court judges agreed to the decision, the decision will be passe as soon as Monday. The countries that are banned are, Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. In Richmond, Virginia and San Francisco, California, the last ban was immediately challenged and overruled in september of 2017. This will keep people from overseas away from their loved ones. The lower courts in the country suggested that this decision should be on hold. This suggestion was in October and exactly a day before this decision was supposed to be passed. However, the US Supreme court did not hesitate to pass that new law and ban these six Muslim based countries’ immigrants from entering the country. If this was a safety concern then this ban should be to everyone in the world. But this is an act that discriminates against a certain religion and safety concerns are just an excuse to hide the real reason for the ban. The author said “The court said the appeals courts in San Francisco and Richmond should act swiftly to determine the legality of the ban.” This is the third attempt by President Donald Trump to pass this ban and he has finally met his goal. Surprisingly, “In July, the US Department of State expanded its definition of “close family” to include grandparents and other relatives that constitute a “bona fide” US relationship for visa applicants and refugees from the six countries.” So, Trump’s decision is against US laws and was still accepted by the supreme court judges. This ban attacks human rights from migrating to the US and discriminates against the religion of Islam. The American Civil Liberties Union are refusing to give up and are against this decision and working hard in every direction to oppose the action of our racist president. The American Civil Liberties Union  Tweeted “continue to fight for freedom and equality and for those who are unfairly being separated from their loved ones.” But, if this racist president was elected by US citizens, then this nation is a very racist nation.(Al Jazeera, 4 Dec. 2017) Al Jazeera is by far the biggest news and sports channel in the Middle East. Its headquarters is located in Doha, Qatar. Al Jazeera started in 1995 with BBC making a deal with the Saudi Arabian owner of the channel to broadcast news in the Arabic language worldwide. However, the Saudi government did not allow this deal to happen. The channel expanded dramatically in 1996 with more than 30 authorities and many reporters covering the four corners of the world. Al Jazeera offered the Arab world much required opportunity of thought, freedom, and space that they did not have before. Al Jazeera offers an alternate and new point of view, it was the first of the Arab TV stations. the station’s point is to bring up general issues. They maintain the station’s longterm theory of keeping up “The privilege to talk up” by enabling everybody to express their opinions freely. Al Jazeera’s definitive objective is to set up a proactive relationship with the Arab community. Today, Al Jazeera plans to go further than the Arabic language by declaring an english based Al Jazeera station set to air in March 2006. According to the article “he station has assembled a team of TV pros from BBC, APTN, ITV, CNN and CNBC, among others, and will have 40 bureaus worldwide. The station is expanding its goal of bringing “people and continents together” by attempting to win audiences in the Western and Asian worlds.” According to the article, “The Fight Over Trump’s Muslim Ban Is A Fight Over America’s Identity”, written by Shayan Modarres in september 2017, “To be clear, this fight in court over Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is not an ordinary disagreement over immigration policy ? racism and discrimination are on trial, and concerned Americans are fighting back against efforts to make these the official policies of the United States.” This ban will present our country as racist and inhumane world wide. In our history the fight over racism lead to a civil war. Continuous racist actions and comments by our president might lead to a big problem causing the downfall of the country.The goal behind the Muslim ban is turning into a central issue in continuous claims. According to the article, “acting Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall conceded that overt discrimination against a particular religious group would likely be unconstitutional, but insisted that the text of the executive order is facially neutral.” There are Muslim Americans who will be kept away from their families from overseas and will not be able to see them anymore. These Muslim American are US citizens and have every right in this country just like every other group.(Modarres, Shayan, 9 May 2017) Shayan Modarres is a lawyer and a civil rights activist. He spent most of his life living in Florida and Washington. He is originally from Iran and according to the National Iranian American council, he “served as legal counsel to the family of Trayvon Martin.  Mr. Modarres kept attempting  to become a congressman in Florida in 2014 but was never able to. Discrimination and racist in the country motivate him to what he is doing right now. His goal is to defend and help discriminated people to fight for their rights.(NIAC) I believe that my sources are very reliable sources after doing some research on them. Also, Trump’s decision in my opinion are very racist not only concerning the muslim ban but also his comments on Hispanics in general. Since this is very racist I believe that it fits perfectly into our “Philosophy of the Human” course perfectly especially since some of the taxes we pay will fund Trump’s actions.

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