The black tidal wave of racism and xenophobia spreads further
over Europe. While it affects millions of people and spreads over
the entire social life, it merely encounters disorderly resistance
or lax resignation. Irresponsible politicians and media think of
Racism and xenophobia are openly propagated by extreme-right
parties and violent action-groups, who recommend installation of a
well-established and consequent new order. This tidal wave has
resulted mainly from the economic crisis and threatens to flood
In a peaceful and prosperous Europe, in a Europe of freedom,
annually thousands of cases of power-abuse, acts of violence and
racist murders take place (1527 incidents in Germany in thefirst
10 months of 1991, of which two-third happened in the former DDR,
seven thousand in Great Brittain in 1989). Murderous attacks with
bombs, molotov-coctails, burning petrol on inhabited buildings,
people who are pushed out of a window from a flat or pushed under
a car, women being stoned while going to the market, dogs that are
released onto children at the entrance of a school (or children
that fall victim to violence on a hospital-bed like the children
from Chernobyl that were treated in Germany); pregnant women who
are being raped; jewish graves and church-yards violated and
The victims? Always innocent and poor, in an underdog situation.
In most cases they are foreigners who reside in the country, or
people considered to be foreigners because of the color of their
skin, or migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. They can also be
gypsies, tramps, clochards, prostitutes, drug-addicts or
homosexuals. And of course, the jews.
The guilty? Mostly youngsters, neo-nazi gangs, skinheads,
sometimes military on a night-round, or no matter who, even

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