Recently after moving to Midland, Texas to a house with ground water, after drinking, bathing, and cooking with the water for a few weeks to a month, Sandy began feeling sick to her stomach and began to develop a rash on her body. After going to see a doctor about her issues she discovered that there was a big issue of water contamination in Midland and that there was a search beginning to find the source of the contamination. It is dues to a lack of attention to the environment that the contaminations like in Midland can occur. The health of the environment is important to human health, and therefore should not only be seen as an issue for scientists or for “other people”, everyone should be worried about environmental health and be trying to find ways to help the environment and stop, or slow, the current rate degradation of the environment.            I am currently a senior in high school and I recently completed a course in Environmental Science, which got me interested in Environmental health and the affect of the environment on human health. It is interesting how much humans do that affects the environment and how little humans care about what they are doing to the planet, what’s more interesting is how much what we do the environment comes full circle and does just as much if not more damage to human health, which is when people start to care about the damage done to their environment. After completing my undergraduate work, I hope to get my master’s in Public Health with a focus in epidemiology and use that degree to become and environmental epidemiologist. An environmental epidemiologist “seeks to understand how physical, chemical, biologic, as well as, social and economic factors affect human health” (National Cancer Institute). I would then be able to do my own research regarding the connections between human health and the environment.            Humans have been harming and shaping the earths for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is so hard to pinpoint the exact time that people began damaging or shaping the earth that many scientists are unable to agree on even just a time period, some claim it to be when Spain took over South America and began producing an abundance of silver (Gabrielli), others claim that it was during the Agricultural Revolution that human truly began shaping the Earth, Kimbra Cutlip published a paper claiming that animals dispersion in the wild changed around the time that human populations in North America were expanding about 6,000 years ago, and still there are other scientists that claim the Industrial revolution was the beginning of human effect of the environment. Despite the disagreement on when humans began harming the Earth the majority of scientist agree “that we’ll destroy our planet beyond repair in the next few millennia” (Hawking). The damage done to the environment has been shown to also affect human health as well as the health of the species living in the environment, “The annual cost of damage to health and quality of life due to environmental degradation; is estimated to be 1.8%–3.4% of gross domestic product in some countries” (Das Sharma).            Many people are willing to acknowledge that humans are doing some damage to the environment however they refuse to accept just how much damage we are really doing and in turn believe that it is not their problem but the responsibility of others, specifically those who have dedicated their lives to helping the earth, to make a difference and try to slow down or stop the degradation of the planet. Environmental health is not just the health of an ecosystem environmental health is the interaction between humans and the environment that they inhabit and how this interaction affects human health as well the health of other species in an ecosystem. By this definition, the health of the world around should worry everyone not just those who are paid to worry.    People living in a poor environment can very easily suffer from illness caused from an exposure to harmful substances, such as harmful gas, lead, and other harmful substance, or from an exposure to bacteria that in a small quantity can be beneficial, but in large quantities, with no access to antibiotics, could easily become fatal. For example, humans send hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste to landfills every day and this waste piles up, fast. As the waste in landfills decomposes it releases large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane, as well as other more harmful gases, into the atmosphere. Studies of the affects of the gases from landfills has shown a “significantly reduced height among children who live near Love Canal, the chemical waste dump near Niagara Falls, NY” (Landfill Problems) and an increase in sufferers of “lung and heart diseases from the toxic gasses that are released from the landfill” (Landfill Problems). Landfills also contaminate groundwater when the liners under a landfill leak or begin to degrade; when this happens leachates, “the liquid that drains or ‘leaches’ from a landfill” (Landfill Problems), are released into the ground and often find their way into groundwater which is then used for drinking or other everyday use. The amount of trash sent to landfills is increasing exponentially as the human population increases, one way to help slow the amount of trash sent to landfills is to recycle everything that we can, and we shouldn’t be recycling because of the money that you can sometimes make from recycling we should recycle to help the environment and the health of those around us.    People should also be worried about what happens to the waste that does not end up in landfills, this can include anything from trash to oil spills, that immediately become pollution. Everything that humans throw away comes full circle one way or another and affects humans, kind of lie karma. When there is an oil leak, people who are far away form the leak can easily experience indirect contamination through the food that they eat, if it came from the area affected by the spill. Due to bioaccumulation, harmful pollutants become more concentrated as they move up the food chain causing humans to get a very high concentration of the pollutant. Therefore, an oil spill is not someone else problem just because it happened on the other side of the country, people should worry about every human caused problem in the environment because one way another it could very easily affect both you or your loved ones.In conclusion, the environment affects humans in more ways than one, and should be considered a problem that everyone should help to fix. Environmental health is the interaction between humans and the environment that why call home as well as how that environment affects human health. Poor environmental health now will in the future become irreversible and become an unsolvable problem that will affect the entire planet. Since, everything that humans do affects the environment, it is important to remember that any haram we do to the world around us in turn affects the health of the people arounds us and people who are half way around the world.

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