If you see a black cat, will you run away from it or bring it back home? Some people may think a black cat is ominous due to their culture, others may think that it is a rare cat thus bring it back home. In reality, why could someone guffaw loudly while others feel depressed when hearing the same story? Whenever we see something, perception and language are the two ways of knowing (often along with, or assisted by, others) enable us to consider, understand and express ourselves.

The main issue here is that we all see the same things but we perceive it in a different way due to some aspects in our lives. When we see or observe an object, an event or a situation, we also consider about our experiences, backgrounds, etc. Thus, we all have a different understanding of it and a different point of view. We see the nature of the world by our eyes. Although light rays are reflected from the surfaces of objects in the outside world, we still can see a different thing from various perceptions.

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Perception is what we believe through the sense of sight and what we are imposed by the external world. Normally, whatever we have observed, the message is always transferred to our brains, seeing as interpretation. For example, John, the man who has visual agnosia, he cannot recognise himself in the mirror and either his wife and or his children, he lives in a world of detail, of lines and shapes, but these lines and shapes are without orders, without structure. He is unable to impose order on his visual world so he sees diverse things compare to normal people.

He has his own world with various colours or shapes around him. 1″Although we think we see the world as it really is, we live in a world of our own making. ” Problems with perception also may affect what we see in the world. One may be that what we perceive depends not only upon the input available to us from the outside world but also upon the attention we pay to it. Lots of things happen in the same time, however, we only see a little because we do not pay attention. In addition, we perceive also depends upon the conditions of the environment that the nature provided.

One example is that if a man wears a blue jumper sitting under a light, the jumper turns into purple from its origin colour. This may challenge my perception if I do not know what colour the jumper was at first, showing light can alter perception, it is not always right, as we see things not as they are but as we are corresponding to this example. Perception also may depend upon the relationship between the perceiver and what is perceived. On the other hand it also depends on our health, sensitivity or even the general nature. E. g.

catch a cold means cannot smell well, dogs smell better than human. All these limitations of perception will affect the way we see an object simultaneously. Additionally, personal views can divide into objective and subjective perceptions. Still, people look at the same thing in different ways. For example there is a saying in Chinese adage, “Philosopher says love is a discussion, litterateur says love is a title, mathematician says love is a calculation, politician says love is a judgement, however, everyman say love is a gap-filling question, to fill vacuity in our lives.

“2 To what extend do they disagree with each other? It is quite obvious that all the successful people are looking in a subjective way whereas most of other people are looking in an objective which makes the topic ‘love’ quite distinct. When we see a conclusion at first, we may wonder if it is truly exist. This may bring the question: Is there such a thing truly exists in the world? All facts in this world have been proved by whatever scientific experiments or justices. However, if we believe what we see, there are might be uncertainties and doubts in it.

Thus, in mathematics, a valid argument I see is calculated by deductive reasoning process, like if given “1+2=3”, “3+0=3”, thus, “1+2=3+0”. Obviously, the answer to this question is right if I write it on my math exam. However, this is not always the case, since I believe that “1+2=3” is a valid equation that many mathematicians have proved it, my theoretical logic following an automatic system in my head, bringing out the answer 3. But if I am a sociologist, I may consider as 1 pig + 2 cows, how can the answer be 3? If “1+2″dogs equal 3 dogs, “3+0” pigs equal 3 pigs, then how can 3dogs equal to 3 pigs?

What we see from the numbers are not usually presented by a mathematical logical, but may a present of other elements. Moreover, a valid argument can also express the opposite opinion in mathematics. For instance, if given =4, =2, by deductive reasoning the square root of 4 is 2 should be true for this statement. However, if the question is the square root of 4, then the answer must be 2, not only 2. This is because in mathematics there is something always abstract, such as imaginary numbers that we cannot see in reality.

Again, this is because we see it not as they are but as we are. Each area of knowledge relies on language for different reasons and to varying extents. I use language every day. Due to my first language is not English, therefore I sometimes using English to express an incomprehensible feeling which makes people feel dubitable and deceptive. My friend does not understand me at first, from a small word to the whole sentence, this shows that I make an understanding of a situation due to my own way of perceiving life and the way I see the world.

Although I thought she would understand what I was talking about, however not. This may due to the expression in my own language, personality or even culture. I realised that what we heard, see or feel may be different from others from different cultures. In sciences, language could be used in either scientific way or by communication with other people. A traditional view of language in science is that it plays a passive role, that it deliveries meaning and information one speaker to another.

Attempting to express a new scientific idea becomes merely a matter of “trying to find the right words”. But what is the “right” to say in sciences and how to define the “right” explanation all affect the scientific experiments differently, one error in any sentences would make a huge mistakes. The essential role of language is to transport a cargo which is variously described as meaning or content. In physics, the language is usually expressed by a mathematics equation, deductive reasoning, in order to find out the “truth” I have to measure every data precisely even uncertainties.

However, I would never find the “truth” since nothing is truly exists in our world, what I see is not accurate, I may see the acceleration of one motion, after measuring the velocity and displacement of the car, I may calculate out the acceleration from my observation, but there is no such a thing is in a perfect modal in reality, thus I used what I thought according to what I saw, thus language is the way of knowing that also may lead to a unbiased understanding. In conclusion, each person has a different personality that could affect their perception and also gender.

Some girls get so emotional and cry while watching a sad movie whereas boys do not even feel the point of depression. In addition, religious values and culture could affect the way we perceive the world as well, as some countries never eat pork because they think it is their god and who ever kills one will be punished. So people have different culture usually have diverse understanding and observation thus when we see an object, we may reflect to our own experiences, personality, culture, etc.

On the other hand, although language has played an essential role in human beings, communications and justifications still need to be concered since even a small word would make a change of understanding, as our society is developing, we all need to take theses facts into account, reminding ourselves to be carefull of using languages. All of these factors affect the way we are and our knowledge of the world. Nevertheless, not everything we see from our eyes are truly existed, so we have to remember that we see and understand things not as they are but as we are.

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