Frankenstein is not meant to be portrayed as an evil character, he is more selfish and single minded in his pursuit to create a “perfect” creature. He does not take the time to consider the consequences of this selfishness nor does he regard the safety for others when the results of his dangerous experiments go wrong. He is too vein to admit that he was a failure and he was unable to accept the problem he had single handely created so he runs away childishly thinking that this action would make things better.

He lived in a fantasy world, believing that he cold create perfect life, be better than god and that he would earn the respect of all. Frankenstein’s weakness was his inability to admit failure, he is repulsed by his creation and he was unable to cope physically. These feelings did not improve as he finds the numbers of his close family slowly deteriorating as the creature kills them off one by one.

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In th4e later stages of the novel we see frankensteins character get stronger and be more rational as he faces the task of making his creature a partener he accepts resnonsibility and he didn’t want to risk another disaster. Overall the sympathy that the reader has for Victor wavers erratically as his selfishness is sometimes forgotten about when his absolute misery comes into play. You could say that the creature is to blame for frankensteins death as all the misery Victor is put through have a direct relation to the creature.

The creature does not show his evil side until he has won the sympathy of the reader from his constant rejection from humanity and desire to be loved, he is portrayed as a very intelligent being and highly sensitive to the feelings of other people around him and to nature. The build up of his emotions finally give way as he turns to seek revenge on frankenstine when he discovers his origons. When his only means of eternal happiness is dramatically taken from him he murders ” the lovely and the helpless; I have strangled the innocent as they slept.

” He finally admits that all this evil that he had committed did not satisify him and that he is “wretched”. The creature wins the readers sympathy when he tells his moving story about his sensitivity and emotional scarring but all that sympathy drastically decreases as his anger his boiling point and he murders frasnkenstines younger brother out of revenge. Throughout the bad times I think that we always have a small sence of sympathy towards the creature as he is expelled from human contact because of his “deformity”. His kind actions were always thrown back in his face and overall he did not lead a very enjoyable life.

When Frankenstein was a young boy he described himself, saying: “My temper was sometimes violent, and my passions vehement” whish suggests to the reader that the two characters were both more similar than it seems. In conclusion I feel that they were both as evil as each other. The creature and Frankenstein can both be considered as being thoughtless and evil, since they did not have any thought towards anyone who may be harmed for them to achieve success. No-one deserves more sympathy than the other as Frankenstein was to blame for the monsters unhappiness and the monster for Victor’s.

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