Relevance of the called subject.
This subject is relevant and new because satirical means of the image of social
realities remain demanded in the XXI century, as well as earlier, is that case
when the tradition and innovation connect in development of literary process.
Besides, the satire is always associative, and it is a direct exit to the most
interesting literary figurativeness – especially, tracks without which verbal
creativity doesn’t exist. The choice of a subject and its relevance are
connected as well with the fact that in modern – mainly postmodern – art space
of English-speaking literature the satire remains very demanded – in the most
different communications – reception in the most different genres of
literature. The poetics, i.e. internal laws of the work of art, can be never
studied completely as each new era kind of “moves apart” former
borders. Especially as also “Animal Farm” and “1984” by G. Orwell are extremely
relevant and now in connection with danger of existence of the totalitarian modes.
Satirical receptions which are considered in this master thesis staticize up
and down the text which is already commented and analysed before. Not only
clear and open, connected

with certain historical persons of a
caricature create satirical pathos. Not only the satirical plot kind of
overturning upside down common sense in “Farmyard” creates parody
sounding. There are deeper elements of poetics. They are connected by the
language game sometimes ciphered onomatopoeically. The relevance of the called subject
is connected also with some “pogranichnost” of both works – on a
joint of fiction and journalism.

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In the second half of the XX century
the world staticized an anti-Utopia genre in view of separation of the world on
two political systems. So the global character of material of a genre of
anti-Utopia that wasn’t before is born. It the world was taught by two world
wars of the XX century. Everything that smells of fascism or Stalinism, has
something in relation to G. Orwell’s antiutopias.

All this also became a reason for
the analysis of the called works (“Animal Farm: Fairy Story”) and
“1984” (“Nineteen Eighty-Four”) of G. Orwell



Updating of a genre of dystopia is
connected with the fact that any manifestations of aggression frightening
mankind, suppression of dignity of the person, emergence of the totalitarian
modes aren’t exhausted left XX century – everything listed poses a threat and
now. For example, acts of terrorism against which the most serious fight of
different social and political structures was required became such events on an
end of the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st century. It sets
thinking that in the world there are a lot of dangers connected with the rigid
anti-human modes and if such countries also have a lethal weapon, then the
danger becomes global. A point on her, this danger, public attention and
through means of media, and through art – including, through literature – one
of problems of the present.

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