Religion is regularly characterized as the faith in or the
worship of a divine being or divine beings. It is believed that a person’s
religion (religious convictions, religious group, quality of religious
commitment, and so forth.) is connected to their social convictions and
cultural background. For many millenniums (for thousands of years), different
societies have had some type of religion at the focal point of their social
convictions and practices. The acts of religion are so embedded in the beliefs
of these societies that it became hard to distinguish between religion and
culture. According to The University of Chicago Press Journals, Islam is the religion of about
ninety percent of the population of the Middle East, despite the Middle East
being the origin for not just Islam, but Christianity and Judaism as well.

In the Middle East all traditions and
conventions are fundamentally religious; for whatever is old and standard and
customary is holy by religion. The religious practice itself is essentially
conventional and standard so every action is either in accordance with or in
spite of religion. These perceptions hold similarly useful for Islam which is
the most dominant religion in the Middle East, for Judaism in its Middle
Eastern form and for the Eastern Christian churches.

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