The Borgias were one of the most important families in Italy, during the last years of the renaissance, if not the most important one.Not because of their goodness and kindness, the exact opposite, due to the behavior of some of the members of the family the Borgia name was soon known as a synonym for avarice ,murderand treachery. Their rise to power was in dubitative ways, as well as the their winning of political and economical power.
The Borjas ( that was their original last name) were from Spain, from Aragon .There they all lived, as a catholic family. But then they moved to Italy, where they formed their "empire"
Three Borgias became especially important:
· Alfonso Borgia : He established the Borgias in Italy during the late renaissance. He was born inDec. 31, 1378, near Játiva, kingdom of Aragon.
He became a priest and in 1444 he was named an archbishop by the PopeMartin V. Latter on April 8, 1455, at the age of 76 he was elected Pope, so he moved to Rome, and several family members followed him and established there.
He was named Calixtus III. Thefirst order of his pontificate was to make one crusade to recover Constantinople from the Turks, but this crusade failed. He was successful, however, in raising afleet that relieved many of the Aegean islands. He also instituted the Feast of the Transfiguration, to commemorate the repulsed of the Turks from Belgrade on August 6,1456.
His personal life, was "normal" compared to the lives of the rest of the Borgias, he did showed favoritism for his nephew Rodrigo Borgia, whom he made general (of the papal forces) and cardinal. He died on Aug. 6, 1458, in Rome.
· Rodrigo Borgia: He was nephew ofAlfonso Borgia (Pope Calixtus III) , his education (he studied law) was paid and supported by him. He was givenecclesiastic benefits while he was a still a teenager.
In 1456 he was made cardinal and vice-chancellor of the chu…

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